Sunday, March 25, 2012


We are trying to do the prairie burn today. Everything is waaaaaaaaaaay to green. This is not right. March is not supposed to be this green here. My lilacs look like they will be flowering for Easter this year instead of the usual Mother's Day.
Zeus left the winter swimming pool cover out on the lawn to dry out before rolling it up to put away.  I decided after two days that it was dry enough and started to fold and roll. Under the middle I found a startled vole and her nest with six pink funny looking little babies.
She ran around in circles. 
I ran around in circles. Finding that was not what I expected.  I carefully moved the pile of dried grasses, babies and all over to the garden and hoped that she was watching.
All babies had been moved by the next day.

Ok, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it do not tell me the harsh realities of the animal kingdom.

Frankly, I like my version of life much better than the "scientific" approach. For example, I like to think of butterflies dancing in the air rather than battling each other for food or sex.
I really like the my theory of the groundhog being "hired" by the chipmunks to dig new tunnels, one summer.  I liked watching him take his break and sun himself on the rocks. He did the job, lumbered off and was never seen around the rock wall again and the chipmunks are quite happy.
Taylor, the landscaper, tells me that he just found something good to eat behind the rock wall. 
I mean how boring is that scenario?

I took a twenty minute nap this afternoon after working all morning in the yard. I did as my new Internist suggested and I laid down on the floor with my feet propped up against the wall. Put on my mask for C-pat machine and had a good snooze. Looks silly but she says that it will help move the blood flow in my legs in the right direction.  Apparently, it's been getting confused lately and going against the crowd. She says this explains why my ankles get puffy and look like old lady rolled down stockings. You know the look?

It's always something with this getting older thing and that in it's self is getting old.

Riley is walking around downstairs singing, it cracks me up. Slightly off key but she is making up songs about what she is doing.
She explained to me that Dora's friend Boots does that all the time.

We need to get back to the burning of the prairie. A little more breeze would help. It's time to wake up old Zeus and Murphy and get busy.

:)Bea Who is cooking corned beef in the crock pot for dinner. See what you started, Donna?


  1. Ah, hah! Corned beef! I made pot roast for the kid last night and moved the leather chair into the studio to watch "Anonymous"--again.

    Here it's not voles, it's mice. We've bought the new disposable trap so you don't see any dead vermin once you've captured them.

    Instead of prairie burn--we went to the incredible soggy city course to play golf. Philip says something broke on hole 8--I think we just got tired of hunting for balls and swinging.

    There is a communist plot against me seeing Extremely Loud...before finishing the book. It is out of circulation in the theatres and won't come out on dvd until tomorrow. What are you going to do?

    Don't play with your fire. Bea careful:)

  2. I am beginning to think we are in for a very strange summer. Mother nature is playing with our seasons. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart