Friday, March 09, 2012


Dear Friends,
I have no idea who this is. Could be Joan of Arc? Rather like her style and if it isn't a she, he is sure pretty. Cloudy, rainy, and DAMN cold here, it is.
I certainly didn't expect 45 degree temperatures. And, because I didn't expect them I didn't pack anything warm.
So, I spend the day inside. Most of the morning feeling rather "under the weather" and the afternoon, out of the weather.
Zeus did play golf this morning although they got tossed off the course after 9 holes, I think because of thunder and lightening.
I had lunch downstairs and watched hail falling from the skies.
We did catch the University of Wisconsin basketball WIN on tv and managed to drag ourselves outside, in the frickin' cold to a great Deli around the corner.
There, nourished by home made chicken soup with dumplings and a Reuben and kraut sandwich the day was made better.
Tomorrow, is another day, not necessarily warmer or dryer but who knows what we'll get up to.
Then tomorrow night is the big dinner for the
group that Zeus is part of. Apparently, there is no choice for the dinner, they are serving salmon.  Isn't that unusual? I mean lots of people don't really like fish and lots more don't particularly like salmon.  I know it's good for you but you would think with probably about 100 or so people attending they could come up with a better plan. Maybe offer a choice of fish or chicken?
Oh well, I like salmon so I'm good. And, we all know it's all about what Hera likes, right?

:)Bea, who can see her breath when she's outside in San Antonio.


  1. Yeah, it's nasty when the temp drops. I remember buying a jacket in a shop in the center you have pictured at the top. I think it seems colder because it's such a stark contrast to what it is usually like. Did you walk down and see the rock ampitheatre right on the walk? Some very cool old trees by the LaContessa at the Navarro bridge. Hope the weather is better today than you expect.

    Can't wait to see you. D

  2. I like salmon too...good brain foods and I need those!! It was sunny and warm here today...we may miss winter this year..did I just jinx this??? Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart