Wednesday, February 08, 2012

To tiny, just right.

We arrived in the St. Petersburg area yesterday after a 4 hour or so drive. Not a bad drive, we put the top down on the convertible, then we would pull over and put the top up, after it stopped raining we would pull over again and put it down. We've gotten very slick at doing this.
We stayed in a lovely Art Deco style hotel last night. The Ponce de Leon. Murals painted on the hallway walls.  Interesting features, wall coverings, red and gray being the bedroom colors. The only difficulty is that the bathroom was added to this historic hotel much later and it was 2 1/2 " wide if that. If I stood at the sink I had to reach my hand around to my butt to find the doorknob to open the door.  Lovely beds but me thinks there must have been some mold somewhere in the air because I woke up having difficulty clearing my throat.
We wandered out of the hotel to find JAVA.
I do love St. Petersburg. It's a beautiful city. There is a nice mix of ages here. I love the streets, the shops, well just about everything.  Last night, David, from the Ponce sent us to an Italian restaurant called Grazzi. OMG I had the best red snapper, with scallops and clams, well I thought I died.
Which brings me to a dream I had the night before. I was in a low flying plane that had the cargo doors open. We were skimming over water and instead of parachuting out we were there to cannonball out of the plane. Every one kept telling me it was a lot of fun, we weren't that high above the water that I wouldn't be hurt if I jumped.
 So, I did.
I remember distinctly thinking I should take a deep breath now, because that water is coming right up.
No water.
I told myself to take another deep breath that I was going to hit the water any minute now.
No water.
I decided to open my eyes and see what was the matter and I wasn't heading for water. I was sitting in a large factory and a short, energetic woman was walking toward me.  She had a whistle around her neck.
"I'm so glad you finally arrived", she said. "We have so many confused here and I need your help".
"Where am I? What happened to the water?"
"Oh, dear, see you died after you jumped, before you hit the water and well,  here you are, now come help me." she told me in a rather brisk manner.

And, she thought those other people milling around were confused.
Apparently, she wanted me to round up wandering souls, try to keep them from drifting off somewhere again and get a group together to move on.

I can't tell you more than that.  Being the good "follower" I can be some times I did my best to steer wandering souls towards the light. lol Apparently, there is service work on the other side too.

Ok, back to Florida, we found JAVA which was good because I really needed it.  My throat hurt, my back hurt and my brain felt like jello.
We packed up the car and drove to the Dali museum. OMG, did I say that before, is it a beautiful building.  It's brand new and they have the most amazing collection there.
We had the headphones and managed to get into a guided tour. Well worth the visit.
Then we headed off to the Vinoy, or as it is now referred to as the Renaissance Vinoy. It's been completely remodeled, picture tomorrow. The bathroom is huge, a family of six could live in there.
The pool is heated, the food wonderful.
Grilled grouper with sweet potato strings. I think I could live on grouper. Although, I like a lot of different fish but grouper............yum.
Zeus is off playing the Vinoy golf course with dinner later then off for night tennis.  He's so happy he was bouncing around.
I'm happy because I can breath again and I can turn around in the bathroom. I don't ask for much.
I don't think we'll get over to see the Chihuly collection again.  I still remember it from last year.
I will try to find the ballroom here because I understand they have a Chihuly chandelier and I would like to get a picture of it.
I'm off to the pool and then later High Tea at the Marchand.  Maybe I'll see Paul Newman, Raquel Welch, Julia Roberts, or Brad Pitt as they tell me in the hotel guide often come here.
But, even if I don't glimpse Mikhail Baryshnikov of B.B. King I'll be enjoying my crumpets and tea.
And, I suppose I could get up early tomorrow and join the Qigong group. Yeah, that's the ticket.
Ok, don't forget your pinwheels, campers.

:)Bea who apparently really need another vacation.
And, if you haven't had enough of this vacation, so far, here are some more pictures for you.


  1. Wow, I get see what another fellow blogger looks like!

    Cool pics and hope you're having a very solid vacation.

  2. What a wonderful adventure you are having and the foods look and sound delicious...if only I could taste them through the blog post. You are a FUN gal to run around with. Thanks for including me in the journey in the convertible!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Mary Helen has it right. You are fun and I know that firsthand. OMG--you and that damn whirly. I laughed so hard--and the Dali museum. Who would have thought in Florida.

    Just savor the fact that we had our first snow for the season in Cinci yesterday---where it is hard to find a blue sky in winter.

    Have a great time. See you soon. xx00 D