Thursday, February 09, 2012

Thanks for all the fish.

These are so pretty. They were on the display counter in the cafe we had coffee, this morning.
We drove around St. Petersburg this morning after coffee. I put some pictures, of some amazing houses we saw, in an album: Some of them are just elegant, some the colors are interesting, fences, porches, all kinds of things. I never get tired of looking at different kinds of buildings.
We left St. Pete's to drive back down to Marco Island. On the way we thought we would drive through Ft. Myer's to see what it was like.  Honestly, the parts that I saw did zip for me.  It's not a place that I, myself, want to go back to. We did find a rather generic named Buffet place, for lunch.  NOT a place you want to go if you are in need of comfort food because, that's all they really had. And, boy were the people putting it away. They had a really nice salad bar so Zeus and I were set.
Back on the road, traffic was light, roads, nice but boring. Not much scenery to see.
This time we are on the 12th floor, same type of room. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach just enjoying the sound of the waves and catching some late sun.
We were going to go back to CJ's for dinner but Thursday night is music night and from the crowd of cars, standing people we decided to just hit Joey's Pizza for dinner. Lots of thick Chicago style pizza there. I did try an Yuengling for dinner. Good! Apparently, a Philadelphia beer although I can't remember ever hearing about it when I was growing up across the river.
I'm here tomorrow, Zeus plays golf in the afternoon and then he picks me up and we drive up to stay with some friends in Bonita Springs. Then home again on Saturday.
We've had a really nice trip, lots of laughs, lots of time spend doing things together but it's time to go home and get back into the groove of our daily lives.
Thanks, Zeus for all the fish.


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