Friday, February 17, 2012

SUNRISE 2.17.12

There is something about being up and about before the sun peeks up. I've gotten in the habit of keeping my small camera close by the back door so I can catch the picture.
It almost looks like a golden lake, doesn't it and not an old brown corn field.
Mary's friend, the one that loves to organize is coming over to help me get the basement storage area straightened up. The bones are there but the disorder has been mounting.  In to much of a hurry to find a home for things not needed they tended to pile up. If you can't get to what is behind it you pile it up in front of that pile, etc.
It's not the way I like things so I asked her if she wanted a job and she said, "Hey, I'll do this for free, you feed me great meal."
Well, that's nice to hear but I'm paying her.  This may seem like fun to her but it's work and it's time out of her free time.

I'm hoping that work can progress on the laundry room this weekend. I still love the color but it needs another coat.

I need to start drawing up a sketch for the placement of some pine trees in the front yard.  Remember last year I had the wildness tamed and bushes and volunteer trees removed.  They planted a prairie, grass mixture and I have been cutting it for now.  Once I decide where the trees goes and I'm talking 8' or more size trees then I'll decide how much I want to cut and let grow. The trees are needed to block the back of a McMansion.
Not that it's unattractive but it looks out of place out here so I would rather not see it every time I drive in and out of our driveway.
Don't need a lot of trees just enough planted in the right place to focus the eye on them and not the their house.
Zeus has said that he will put up a decorative rail fence that will follow the line of the mounds.  I can plant on either side of that fence so hopefully by summer the landscaping in the front will be done.
With the hint of Spring in the air and the slightly warmer temperatures, for us, I'm starting to think about gardening things.
Zeus tell me that if I lived in a warmer climate, all the time, I wouldn't appreciate this change or shift in thinking. It's true.

I watched a large flock of geese flying in a well formed V, going North, yesterday.  That's always a good sign. They were high but I could hear little honking.  No competition for front position just intent on getting where they were headed.

I'm waiting for the ice to melt on the pond.  As soon as that happens I will call Glacier and have them hook up the waterfall. I miss how pretty that is to see and to hear.  I see a lot of tracks in what snow is left of animals coming down to the edge of the pond and drinking the little bit of water that is exposed.
I have another motive to get the pond going. I want to hear the frogs as early as possible.

Ok, I'm off to the gym.  Yesterday, the bikes were all full so I walked my laps. When I saw that a bike opened up I jogged over, readjusted the seat, got ready to pedal when I realized an older lady was standing next to me.  I said, with great clarity, "Whaaaaaa?"
She actually scared me sneaking up on me like that.
"I wasn't done. I just went to get a drink of water."

Now, all I can say is she is lucky I'm a nice person. Trust me when I tell you that when the "pack" from the Spinning,Dancing, Jumping Around class of trophy wives pours out of their exercise room, runs down the stairs and starts their track laps, watch out. The walkers may have the inside lane but those ladies, with their blond hair all pulled up in pony tails, stuck through their baseball hats will pass you on the right and cut you off as they swing into your lane.
It's dangerous at the gym, I tell you.

I got up and told her no problem although I did mutter to myself as I resumed my laps. Who gets off the bike after a half hour, shuts it down, gets a drink or whatever and then pops back to reclaim the bike? sigh

As the trophy wives run past me, I realize how hard they have to work.  There is no room for failure. They start to lose anything to gravity and hey, they can be replaced as easily as they replaced the FIRST WIFE. And, with pre-nups these days........well, like I said, the old lady was lucky it was me............

I have the Stephanie Plum book to read while I bike. Is that the way to exercise or not?

Have a creative day!  :)Bea


  1. Beautiful photo! Funny post Bea, about the trophy wives. LOL
    I'm reading Luncheon of the Boating party by Susan Vreeland. It came out a few yrs back but some of us in watercolor class just found it. It's about Renoir's painting.

  2. I do not feel comfortable in a gym with these slim women who push past me in every endeavor. I am happy to use the elliptical here in the man cave while I watch TV. The sky was so beautiful here also. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart