Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Show is up and running.

We got the show hung. Took us about three and a half hours but it went pretty smoothly. All the pieces are hung with fishing line and s-hooks to a track that is mounted up by the ceiling.
I made an album of most of the walls.  I got so tired at the end I forget to do the case with our Muse dolls and the Service Project Monsters and two other walls.
Frankly, after lunch with everybody I came home an crashed and I wasn't even one of the hardy ones that climbed up and down ladders. I did cl
imb up and down the steps from the first floor to the second quite a number of times if that counts.

The above photo is a piece that did not go into the show. At this point in time, it's just a background piece.  But, I like the colors.

There is a large storm front moving North of us. Most likely the northern part of the state and Minnesota will be getting this blizzard.  I can see the sky to the North is just dark. All we are getting is some icy rain drop and those didn't amount to much.

Bad news from the oven repair man. About $350.00 for part and service to get my stove running again.  Seems, they don't make the panel anymore so they rebuild the ones that break. Sounds very efficient but............I don't really want a rebuilt one I want a new one.  Problem is that if I get a new one OR a rebuilt one neither will have a fan in it to redistribute the heat that builds up from the oven and stove top and that is what seems to fry my control panel.
So, down the road, in say two years which is when I had the first one replaced, I'll be doing this again.  I think not.

Zeus and I will be going to the BIG BOX to look at stoves.

Sad to say that the one that my mother had and probably your mother lasted about 20 years or so. Just knobs, nothing fancy. Nothing that needed a computer, little green lights or anything fragile that could break.  They were made to cook hundreds of meals on them, easy to clean and stay looking pretty nice.


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