Saturday, February 04, 2012

Only a man would think to do this.............

Ok, I know I agreed to him putting in tile in the laundry room. He bought me three beautiful photo panels to hang in the laundry room. He hung one and it looked awful against the beige paint. Then he told me that the paint isn't really beige but the same color as the rest of the house, an off white but in the laundry room with the lighting it looked, well, not off white.
So, he goes downstairs to his workshop and brings up new tube lights thinking maybe it's the lighting. Nope the tube lights are the same.
So,  we walk around the house holding up one of the panels against the walls and it looks fine against the hallway, fine in the dining room, all the same color paint.  Then he holds it up against the Lemon Drop Room wall and POW, WOW, it POPS.

Decision is made, "WE" will paint the walls.

Now, you have to understand, we leave tomorrow morning at 4:00am for our flight to Florida. I'm packing, doing laundry, tying up loose ends.  We have a basketball game this afternoon to go to and he's decided to PAINT THE LAUNDRY ROOM!!!!!!!!!!

I'm told, politely, that I am not needed as a helper, he has one already. Of course, I need to take said helper downstairs to have her Mommy change her into painting clothes.  Mommy sends her up in a summer dress, Grammy decides is to pretty to wear to paint and she might be able to wear it this summer and even if she doesn't, her cousin can. sigh

We find an old pair of pj's for her to wear.

There is a great deal of chatter going on in the laundry room. Instructions on proper painting methods, instructions on how many times you can dip the roller into the paint container.  I block most of it out with ear plugs so I can get on with concentrating on what art supplies I need to pack.

Riley has finished her part and proudly announces that it's time for her lunch and nap.

Grandpa Zeus is painting my laundry room.  He's a keeper isn't he?  He wants Hera to be so happy when she is putting laundry in the washer and dryer. He wants Hera to hum while she bleaches his tennis shoes in the laundry tub. Hera is so lucky.

But, these are what those special moments are all about. She probably won't remember this time with Grandpa but if she reads my blog books, down the road, she will know that her Grandpa loved her and was willing to take the time to spend with her.

Grammybea prefers to bake cookies with Riley. A little less mess.

I'm going to have one beautiful laundry room when Zeus is finished with this project. New paint, new art for the walls, new tile on the walls and new cupboards and a new tile counter top. I don't know about your family but I have always seemed to spend a lot of time in and out of the laundry room. With three kids and a husband that were into sports I did mega loads of laundry. 

My boys tease me about buying their sports socks with different color stripes on the top so I knew which color belonged to each kid. A heck of a lot easier to toss blue stripes in one laundry basket and red ones in a different one for a different kid. Those were their colors too for their posting of activities on the family calendar. Blue, Red, Green, Purple and Black. I could tell at a glance who had to be wear and when.

My brain was already cluttered with information, color coding the kids was easier and faster.  If I could have only put a GPS chip in them. I did for my dog, why not my kids?

I still have laundry to do.  I still have a "big kid" that plays tennis, soccer and golf.  Mary has Riley and little people seem to fill their dirty laundry baskets quickly.  My laundry room is well used so I appreciate Zeus making it nice for me.

Perhaps I will rename it to my MEDITATION ROOM.  Put in a little stool and sit and think about things while the washer chugs and the dryer hums, ooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm.



  1. I can relate Bea. My husband does things like that. If I mention something, before I know it, he is doing it. And little Riley is sure growing up. Yep, it's those little things that mean so much isn't it. Great post!

  2. You are so blessed. Everyone needs a little helper on occasion. I am so impressed with that color you chose, too. Have a fun and safe trip. Looks like you are getting out of town just in the nick of time after seeing the photo below.

    As a human factors consultant, one of the things I often recommend to people working in manufacturing is color coding. It REALLY works!

  3. I love the Yellow...I think Zeus was correct for the color...but the timing...well I can understand. Miss Riley looks like a professional to me!!! This is a heart memory! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart