Monday, February 13, 2012

It's spring, I know it's spring, tra la la de laaaaaa.

Ok, I know it's not TECHNICALLY Spring but yesterday I saw the male and female Red Tail Hawk sitting shoulder to shoulder, high up on a tree branch.  This morning I got my first glimpse of the Red Fox prowling our yard for lunch. Pretty soon she will be making her den, probably in the old cave across the field.
I will IGNORE the snow falling. It's a mere blip in the forecast.
It will not last.  It will not amount to much. It's like the last of the housecleaning going on upstairs. Sweeping what is left of the snow out the door.

Sigh, I know, I know, it's only February. I want the sunshine from Florida. I want the nice weather to go outside and do stuff. And, no I don't mean winter stuff.  It will arrive, perhaps not as soon as I would like but it won't be long.  Why, they say we will have temperatures in the 40s by the end of the week. I can live with that.

Beautiful sunrise this morning. Actually, a scant minute before I grabbed the camera and took this shot the sky was bright tangerine orange.
Of course, now the cloud cover has moved in with the snow.

I'm back. I'm physically back but my mind keeps drifting off to our vacation. I go through the motions of doing laundry, dishes, straightening up things but I don't feel like I'm back in my winter rhythm.
Tomorrow, I want to get over in the Studio again. I have some projects to finish up for the Senior Center showing and then I want to start on some ideas that I had while on vacation.

The vacation was wonderful. It's probably NOT a good idea for us to stay in places where we can't really just stock up the refrigerator and eat some meals at home. We ate out a lot and my two pound, well two pounds now but four when I first got on the scale on Saturday almost gave me a heart attack.
I realize that vacations can do that.  I thought we were watching ourselves but then I thought back to the number of times we didn't share a beer, had dessert, managed to finish those fries, well.........just not our normal eating.
So, this morning I walked an hour on the treadmill. Yes, I cranked it up to 3.0, no hills. I hear you laughing but that's fast enough for me, right now. I certainly couldn't carry on a conversation going at that speed. Why it's practically warp speed. It is!

My daughter has a good friend that stays with us off and on.  She's a caregiver for someone and occasionally needs a break from that demanding routine. She loves to organize. Of course, my daughter is more than happy to have her organize everything. I haven't seen that basement area looking so good since before said daughter and her daughter moved in.
She's a keeper, the friend that is. Perhaps, my daughter could observe and mimic her friend's behavior?
One can dream.

Yesterday, Riley and I went out for some Grammy and Riley time.  We did have to grocery shop but she doesn't often get to do that so we had a lot of fun. The fruit and vegetable aisle can take up a good chunk of time when you need to name the item and what color it is.
We stopped for Riley to pick out a donut.  The young man took her request for the chocolate one with the most sprinkles, very seriously. We had to vote on a couple that he pointed to in the case before one was selected.  I had my coffee while she put away half of the donut and her orange juice. She said she was saving the other half for Grandpa but I remember seeing an empty bag when we got home.

Zeus decided to play Chutes and Ladders with her yesterday afternoon. I just shook my head.
Yes, our granddaughter is smarter than anyone else but she isn't 3+ and the concept of playing that kind of game is just a little beyond her grasp. It started out well, well at least until they opened the lid of the game box and then it was downhill from there.  Although, they did have an interesting discussion with the game pieces. Yes, they talked to the game pieces.

I have to go now. Apparently, someone left their phone on downstairs and it keeps chiming to let someone know that there is a message. A person can only take that chime for so long. You go do something creative while I go do something to that phone.



  1. Your blog posting was so delightful and had me laughing. I miss not having little grandkids.
    Lovely photo of the fox. I have only seen one in my life. The big problem we have around here are the coyotes.
    Glad you had a good time on your vacation. Our New Year's resolution is to save money for our next vacation so I have been saving a dollar a day. Hubby has been putting in more. Since the first of January, we have $170 in the kitty with most of it change, so a good start.

  2. What a great fox photo- he/she is very healthy looking!!! Hope you get some great photos of the kits when they are born!!
    Drop by for tea, if you get a chance-Tea on Tuesday.

  3. Happy happy happy Valentine's Day and Zeus are a home for many!!! I am delighted when I come to stay for a while. Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart

    I LOVE your fox!!!!