Saturday, February 25, 2012


Come on, don't be scared. I'll be right next to you. Come, there is somebody I want you to meet. He doesn't come on this side of the gate, we have to go through to visit him. Take my hand, it's ok.

I don't know why it's winter over here. Yes, I know it was warm and summer like on that side and here, well, this might not last for long. The weather and time are a little screwy on this side of the gate.
No, you don't have to worry, it may be winter like but it's not cold. You aren't cold are you?
Take my hand, we have a little ways to walk until we get to his house.
It is dark in here, isn't it but we can hum a tune or sing a song while we walk.
Yes, I've been here before, how do you think I know where he lives?
Well, I don't think he's ever told me his name, in fact I've never really seen him.
He lives in a tree.  Well, I think he lives in a tree. Once I tripped on the path and I fell down next to this big old tree and it had a little opening at the base.
I'll tell you, don't rush me, all in good time, we have a bit of a walk ahead of us.
I fell and then I heard this voice coming from the inside of the hole in the tree.  It asked me if I was pretending to be a fallen tree.
He said I made quite a lot of noise, falling and had knocked some things off his shelves.
Well, of course, I apologised. I told him I tripped and was sorry.
Well, then he asked me if I was alright.
I told him my ankle felt a little weak and that I probably just needed to sit for a moment, if that was ok and catch my breath.
No, it wasn't really hurt that badly but I wanted to see him or at least talk with him some more.
He asked me if I wanted to hear a story.
Yes, it's a little strange but I told him why not, since I had to sit there but I didn't want to put him out.
Watch you step there, those rocks seem to just come up out of the ground sometimes and take you by surprise.
Let's see, oh yes, he told me it wasn't a problem that he was just sitting there knitting something so he had plenty of time to talk.
I know, I don't know many men that knit either.
Nope, I never saw him but he did tell me a pretty good story.
Tired? Sometimes it's hard to walk this path.  We can sit down over here, on this rock and take a break.  I have some bread and cheese, in my pocket that we can share.
Well, yes, I could tell you the story he told me.

ONCE UPON A TIME............................

To Be Continued.


  1. I want to hear more!!!! :)

  2. More! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart