Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'll Take it!

It's always nice to know that people feel comfortable in your home, that they enjoy staying with you, visiting you and even buying your home.
I picked up the mail the other day and this was carefully placed on top of my mail.

About twenty years or so ago, we were thinking about a place to vacation with the kids. We wanted something not to far from our home, neither of us wanted to drive four or more hours up to the U.P. with three small children.
I remember riding my bike around the lake and passing a big old tudor house that sat on prime lake frontage. I thought, what the heck, maybe we should just move closer to the lake. This house is nice why not buy this one?
It wasn't for sale. It did look a little neglected so maybe the owners were elderly and hadn't thought about moving?
I wrote this a nice letter. I told them how much I loved their house and if they were ever interested in selling to call me.

Now, I tell you all of this because I hadn't thought about that little incident in over 30 years. I never got any response. We bought property in Ridgeway and that was that.

 BUT, just recently and for the life of me I can't remember who it was I was talking to, I told that story.  I remember the person being somewhat surprised that I had been so bold. Back then I guess those actions might have been considered bold.

Then a very short time later, someone else does the same thing to me and I have someone who loves my house and wants to buy it.

Mike will have to wait a number of years. We're still working on number 18 of the TWENTY SUMMERS.

We never put our first home on the market. The neighborhood grapevine sent the message that "someone heard that they were THINKING about selling" off into the winds.
A knock on our front door and a lovely family that lived in the neighborhood, had loved our house from the day they had moved into theirs wanted us to consider them first in line, if and when we decided to sell. They had watched all the remodeling as had most of the neighborhood and like most of the people that walked by, in their minds this was THEIR neighborhood house. As one woman walker once told me, while I was working in my garden. "This is the house my grandmother would have lived in if she had lived here."
Well, I can't explain the logic but that was the neighborhood feeling.

It was a beautiful old farm house that Zeus and I poured our time, money and energy into fixing up. Zeus gutted each and every room, built every cabinet, built in bookshelves, etc. The new owners made some cosmetic changes but when I do drive by the old house, it looks the same. Which give me a nice feeling. The house is loved.

When it was time to sell the property in Ridgeway again the right people showed up at the right time.  They loved the land, they had the same feeling about the place that Zeus and I did.

When it's time I have no doubt that the right people will show up for this house. But, not yet, Mike. It's much to early.
I sent him a nice email to let him know that we weren't ready to sell.
He replied thanking me for taking the time to get back to him.

You know, I appreciate manners. It's something that I see a little less each day.

He told me that he had gone to school here, was now located, in Texas with his family and thought it might be a good time for them to experience, living in Wisconsin and a University/Capitol city.

There are many houses for sale. It's a sign of our times. I'm sure Mike and his family will find something.

To all of you trying to sell your homes, I wish you good luck and that the right people show up on your doorstep.

:)Bea, who thinks you should probably go create something while you wait.

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  1. Bea you write like a poet...with your heart and you reveal a lifetime of creating a home for your family! Blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart