Thursday, February 16, 2012

One bear, two bears, I think it was a SMALL BEAR.

I came home from a busy morning, out taking photos, then to the gym, off to Home Depot to pick up some cleaning and plant supplies and then a quick trip to the market.
I unloaded the car, walked into the downstairs area, checked the thermostat, lower said thermostat, wrote a note about what the correct temperature should be set at and if you were cold, put on something warmer, taped it to the thermostat and started putting bags on the steps, to go upstairs.
I use the load a couple of steps, then shift everything up a few more steps method of carrying things upstairs. It probably takes me as long as somebody that runs up and down the steps to grab another bag. Since I don't run, this works for me.
I get everything upstairs and WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!! Have we been robbed?
No, the flat screen is still on the wall.
The lap top is still on the table.
The entire top of the bookshelf next to the steps, the one where we keep all those odds and ends you need to grab on the way out the door, mail, keys, cameras, etc. was on the floor.
I followed the trail down the hallway. A red candle, off a metal baker's shelf loaded with heavy books, statues, said candle and pictures had been emptied of some books and pictures.
I glanced down the hallway and could see that someone had been in my bedroom. My little spray bottles of tropical scents were lying on the floor and not in the drawer where I keep them.
An empty box of raisins lay next to them.

Ah ha!!
A small bear woke before Mama bear and decided to check out the rest of the cave.

In the kitchen I found all the plastic containers that hold our cereal out on the floor. An empty apple juice box lay on the coffee table.

It's comforting to know that a 2 1/2 year old can survive on her wits if she has to. Finding food our first primal urge. I guess the red candle looked like it might be edible. I guess the fruit scented sprays could taste good. Darn containers are to hard to open but hey, there's the little boxes of raisins and juice boxes. EUREKA!!!!!!!

We weren't robbed.
A small bear didn't get loose in the house.
An unsupervised Riley did.

Mama Bear and I are going to have a sit down talk tonight.
Grandpa bear is going to put the door on at the bottom of the steps.
Not the most convenient thing to open, when you are going downstairs but I need some boundaries here.



  1. Baby Bear Riley is a very wise young survivalist. And thank goodness she is just so darn cute...god did this intentionally so we could have patience. It appears there is never a dull moment in your home...and it will keep you young and happy!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Ahh, the joys of living with a mini-me, so to speak. :D