Friday, February 03, 2012

Could be a fish........could be a squid?

Third exercise for the group. This one involved using skeleton shapes on white background instead of black. Interesting to do. At first the white background seemed so stark and I know many of us would have preferred to use a color or black. Again, these exercises are to push us out of our comfort zones, make us "PLAY" .  I have to say once I let go of trying to organize and control the shapes they seemed to take on a life of their own.
I wonder how many times that happens in the studio when I think I have this great idea for a project and I push and push and it doesn't seem to want to happen.  When I let go, throw down the paint brush then the ideas seem to flow.  I do get in my own way a lot.
I missed getting a picture of Sue's but the above are some of the ones created by the 3150 Studio Artists.  It seems that the group wants to include these in the show this year so when I get back from Florida I have some serious finishing work to do.
Yesterday we had hoarfrost covering everything.  That with fog made for an erie wonderland look to my world.  I could swear I heard a different bird song in the morning, too. I haven't seen anybody new at the feeders but the bird call sounded more like a spring call. I know that pesky old groundhog didn't see squat yesterday.  Actually, the two that were running around our yard last year didn't even surface as far as I can tell.  It has been a mild winter so far but it would be nice to know that we would actually have a spring this year. 

Have a creative day!


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  1. Thank you for your kind words...the frost is always a miracle in Nature ...we have not had any lately. You seem to be very productive today in your studio. I love watching your pieces progress... a ballet in bright colors. Blessing, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart