Sunday, January 15, 2012

And, from Wisconsin, AAAAAAAAAARON and LAURA

Zeus and I had charge of Riley all day yesterday. We started the day off to the French bakery.  It's been awhile since we had been there and Riley had to give the owner, a big hug before she placed her order.
Before we left a lovely lady, that we often said hello to when we came in, stopped by our table to introduce herself. It's turns out that Elizabeth also shares a love of photography and she promised to bring her pictures of dolphins for us to see.
Next stop the Olbrich Gardens and indoor tropical rainforest. Lots of families there, lots of moist air, my sinuses loved it and some gorgeous plants and flowers to see. On the way out Zeus bought Riley a little green rubber tree frog.
The tree frog joined us for lunch at Perkins. Midday at a Perkins on the main beltline brings some interesting travelers and folks in for lunch. 
Then home for a nap, for all of us.

Congratulations to Laura Kaeppeler, MISS WISCONSIN, our new Miss America. Does anybody really still watch this show?  Except for a lot of dirty old men that need to see the bathing suits strutting? Come on folks, this is so outdated.  I'm sure Laura is a lovely girl that knows all the tricks and cons for winning any contest. She can sing opera she does have that in her favor. She can reach out to other's like her, children of someone in jail because her father is in jail for mail fraud. I'm sure her winning just warms the hearts of all those other children out there. Headlines, on my computer, said her winning walk in her white bikini stole the show.

Maybe instead of just voting for officials we should just put all of them in skimpy, tight little bathing suits and let them walk the runway. Either that or have them suit up and play the defensive line on the Packers lineup.  We'll see who lasts the longest. 

Speaking of the Packers, GO PACK!


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  1. Riley makes me smile inside and out...we all could start our days happier with generous hugs!!! I am sorry but i just did not watch the beauty seems so antiquated!!! You always make me smile and you and Zeus had a day like Ken and I!!! Morgan is 3 today! I did work out when we came this has been a full day! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart