Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We have only one word for it, SNOW.

Another snowy day.  This time large, thick snowflakes with a lot of blowing around. Mary started back to school this morning with an 8:30 am Math class, all the way across town, a good 45 minutes or more with traffic. Of course, with the snowfall, getting the driveway plowed there wasn't enough time to take Riley to daycare. Zeus stepped up and said he would drop her off.  That just made Miss Riley's day. GRANDPA taking her to school.
Riley and I made breakfast and I had time to brush her hair and get it in a ponytail before she had to leave.  She was miss chatterbox in the car with Grandpa when they pulled out of the garage.

That leaves Mr. Murphy and I to get some things done today. I will have to put on my big girl boots and tromp over to the studio. I shall carry flares in my pocket in case I get lost in a white out.

Kidding aside, I really do love days like this when I don't have to go out and run errands. I love spending time in the studio. Some days I'm not all the productive but the ideas are bubbling around in my head. I have no real agenda, just play. 

I need to make myself a note about planting more tall grasses around the boulders, next to the dry stream bed. The couple that I did get in this fall, are big enough, to look beautiful against the snow.

The snow is now coming down so thick that I can't see the farm house in the field behind us. The snow is blowing sideways.  I think I need to have another cup of tea before I venture out in this, for the studio. Maybe I should look for those snowshoes..........



  1. Wow, the snow sounds like something else in your part of the world. I do remember snow blizzards in the panhandle of Texas, but I was very small and never had to deal with it, just enjoyed looking at it. Stay warm Bea.

  2. it has been snowing here all day .... it is quite exciting for us - but it sounds like something you experience quite a lot! Be safe and stay warm!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. They're talking about a major snowstorm this weekend, but if its anything like we got on Tuesday, it won't amount to much.

  4. I now believe that people who live in the cold north in Wisconsin have to be very hardy, strong souls. It was cold here with only snowflakes to whet our whistle for all the skiers! be safe and I so enjoy hearing about your adventures with little Miss Riley. Peace and warmth, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. We had our freeze last week - bitter is a good word. But now, the snow is all gone and it was 42 F last time I checked.. Thanks for the visit - I'm all caught up!