Sunday, January 29, 2012

Update on work in the studio.

I will be framing this, HOMAGE TO HUNDERTWASSER and putting it in the Senior Center Show.
It's a fused fiber piece, started out with the title Around the Block but the more I worked on it I realized that Hundertwasser was influencing my style again. :)

At the last meeting of the 3150 Studio Artists we buckled down and got to work on some exercises.
Not the losing weight kind, although we, Chris, the two Linda's and myself got very involved in what we were doing. The first exercise was to use square and rectangle shapes on a 12 1/2 inch piece of black fabric. We had fused solid colors and lots of felt to work with.
You can't really see it on this piece but the sky blue fabric is really one piece with a black felt piece with square cut out laid on top of it. Then the other colors were added. There is quite a bit of machine stitching added around some of the squares.
The second exercise was to use fused fabric to create an improvised block based on VERTICAL LINES. I have to admit this was my least favorite exercise. I ended up adding sparklie ribbon in blue and silver just to make myself happy.
The third exercise and the one that three our of four people jumped to, skipping the Vertical Line exercise, I shall NOT be naming names. humph Anyway, the third exercise involved improvised collage creating with color and print fused fabric shapes.  All three exercises were done on a piece of black cotton 121/2" square. You were to add the improve shapes allowing some of the black to be visible.  I'm afraid I got rather caught up in mine and soon, humming to myself the theme from Planet of the Apes. I think that's what it was I began to call this, THE MILKY WAY FROM ZETTI CORKEY'S EYES.
The three and a half hours flew by while we cut and pressed like little kids. It was pure play with some interesting examples completed. You get four people together and give them simple directions and you get 12 different finished projects.
I'll post pictures of their finished work from our next meeting on the 2nd.

These 12 will be hung on some gorgeous bright colored felt that Linda and I picked out the other day.
They will be the start of our collection for the 2013 Senior Center Show.

:)Bea, who hopes you had a creative day.


  1. Oh my have outdone yourself with these wonderful works. I love the black and white pops the bright colors. I can see how your warm vacation has energized your creative eye. You go girl!!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I really ADORE the Homage piece! It is gorgeous...hope the show goes well and that you have a relaxing trip to Florida.