Friday, January 06, 2012

Sunrise 1.6.2012

From a local St. John artist.
Beautiful sunrise this morning. Purple and pink bands of clouds stretched all the way around the house.
I can't be on Island time because they are an hour ahead of EST. But, by 5:30 I'm wide awake.
So, I guess it's off to an early start at the gym.

I was wandering around the fabric store yesterday, you know those 40% off coupons just burn holes in your pockets if you don't use them.  It's always an interesting challenge to see what they haven't managed to put on sale. They seem to have gotten wise to me and now the blade cutters are on sale so I can't use my coupon to replenish my supply with those. I did find a book that has patterns in it that looks like something I might actually have some fun doing.  It's a book about making monsters out of fleece. They are soft, probably around 8-10" big, colorful and I was thinking it might be fun to make them for the little kids in the cancer hospital.  Something they can cuddle, something easy to wash and certainly bright and cheerful if not funny looking.  It's also something that I can do some hand sewing when I'm watching TV.  Pictures when I get started on that project.

I also found a pattern for little people neck supports for when they fall asleep in their car seats. It always happens and these soft little neck supports will help their little heads from falling forward, which never really seemed to hurt my kids but looks terrible and gives Mommies and Daddies a pain in their necks to see it.   I found some soft fleece and terrycloth on sale to make one or two of those.
It's washable and colorful now just has to get made.

I'm always full of ideas, plans and projects when I've had a break from the studio.  The difficult part is getting my butt in gear and getting to work on them.  The studio is just to much fun.  I go up there, look around and lose all focus as to why I'm there. OOOOOooooooooh, let's play with this, or hey, I was going to do that!  FOCUS, BEA!

Of course, I still have boxes of stuff that need to be sorted and put away. I hate taking the time to do that. I want to CREATE! sigh........ I need some cheese with this whine, don't I?

Another, rather warm day for January in Wisconsin. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.  I heard Zeus muttering that he was going to play golf on Saturday if he and his buddy could find a course still open.
That is not a normal January sentence I would write.

Enough ramblings, time to get going on the day!  I hope that you manage to do something creative.
Remember you can always chair dance.


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  1. I love the idea of making fleece animals for the children's ward and my niece has an 8 month old and that neck support pillow comes in real handy on their daily walks/runs. You always make me smile...I know we had warm sunshine today and 64 degrees on the Epiphany. I am going into the studio tomorrow and we are meeting a couple for Mexican cuisine and share a date night. Have a wonderful is your little four legged he talking to you all yet??? Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart