Sunday, January 29, 2012

The studio is overrun with MONSTERS!!!!!

These are a hoot. I am so proud of the Artists of 3150 Studio Artists for stepping up to the plate and delivering these amazing monsters, for Children's Hospital. There are still a few more to come in but for now the studio is buzzing with these little guys milling around. Thank heavens they aren't animated I can just imagine what trouble they would get into.

They just make me giggle every time I look at them.  I loaded them up in the car and took them to Joann Fabric store so the ladies at the cutting tables could see what we were doing with all that fleece I bought.  Then I loaded the gang back in the car, (it's like herding cats) and we stopped over at Stitcher's Crossing so the ladies there could get a peek. They, the Monsters were on their best behavior and now are back up in the studio waiting to be showcased at the gallery showing at the Senior Center.
Then they are off to their new homes.

Yesterday, it was so sunny, bright and just a beautiful day we thought we go out and see the new barn/office that the folks that bought our country house place have just built. They have cleared lots of bushes, scrub trees and it looks just wonderful out there. For those of you that have been out there this is to the left of the A-frame and sitting slightly back up on the hillside. There really wasn't anything there before but bushes and part of a grass cut path around next to the woods.
 I am so happy to have people that bought the land love it as much as we did but they are actually KEEPING IT UP.  His office is part of the barn space and he has a gorgeous view looking out over the valley.



  1. I love your little monsters, they are such fun!

  2. I love these babies ...they are too cute to be real monsters!!!I have a collection of fleece remnants so you have inspired me once again!!! I just love you Bea!!! Your new works are spectacular!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. So that's what snow looks like. :D

  4. what an adorable assortment of colorful monsters!