Saturday, January 07, 2012

The problem - The turning of SKINNY FLOPPY EARS

Another mild day here in Wisconsin, unseasonably mild. So mild that Zeus and his buddies are going to play golf today. They found a local course that still had flags up.
I bought some fleece on sale at Joann's yesterday, basic crayon box colors. I'm getting ready to mass produce these little monsters. I did a test run on the first one, a sleeping bunny. Now, remember the body is only about six inches long so that makes the bunny ears long and narrow.

You can always tell when you are a little rusty at something when you hit a snag right off the bat.
Those of you that sew probably know where this is headed............the ears.
Remember, fleece is thick and fuzzy. Sew the right sides together and then TURN.

ARE YOU CRAZY???????????? I can't even get my little finger in there, TURN????????????????

Ah, yes, some of you are nodding, she didn't put a string inside or something to pull the right sides out.
She doesn't know where her turning rod is.
She doesn't know &#$^.

Ok, the last is harsh but honestly, you would think after all these years of sewing just looking at the directions would send bells clanging and flags a waving.

So, now I have to figure out a FULL PROOF way to turn these suckers so I can get on with the long skinny LEGS. It's a minor blip on the screen.

Of course there are no pictures yet. Wait until this weekend.  I figure if I can get a number of them cut and sewn that if I have jury duty I can sit and stuff them. If not jury duty then football.

We went for dinner, last night, Chinese, yummmmmmm. Then took in the new Girl WTDT movie.
Good, very good.  Very entertaining.  Very, very close to the Swedish version. Different crowd. I remember seeing it for the first time and at a certain scene most of the women in that audience gave out a rousing cheer.  Nothing in this crowd except for my quiet YES. I was happy to see that Hollywood didn't destroy the story. 

Ok, off to the studio to study on the problem of turning skinny floppy ears. I'm open to any suggestions of what worked for you.  Pass them on and THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.



  1. mild here too...and this is Canada

  2. What is WDTD?

    I usually steal a handful of Starbucks straws, they work well for turning skinny doll legs ..... can't wait for the pics.

    I would like little envelopes for my glasses made from fleece....I think that would be great.

  3. The easiest thing I’ve found to turn anything over the years is forceps. Small, straight end, smooth end and you can usually find them online or in any store that sells medical/dental uniforms. You push them down to the end and with your fingernail stick just a little cloth in between the blades and then lock the blades. Wet (lick) your fingers and just start pulling up on the forceps and down on the cloth at the bottom (hard to explain but easy to show LOL) and it turns very easily. I use them to turn tiny doll fingers. You want the ones with smooth ends so it doesn’t poke through the cloth when you’re turning. After you’ve pulled the ear out, then you can unlock the blades, remove the cloth, relock the blades and use them to smooth the seams inside. Voila – monster ears.