Saturday, January 07, 2012

One little monster, many more to go.

The top picture is my little monster. I figure it took me three hours to complete but I'm hoping the learning curve will cut down on that time.  I did find my turning hook so that should make it a little easier to turn the skinny ears and legs.  I found that I needed to make the pattern for the legs and ears about a 1/2" bigger and then trim the excess away. Fleece does funny things when you are sewing it. It doesn't look like it is moving around but it manages to do so. I also made my life easier by making the back body pattern larger too. Then when I tucked the ears and legs into the center and sewed around the outside of the body  it made it a lot easier to adjust when the fleece wanted to slide around. I pinked the edges clean before I turned it.  Stuffing wasn't a problem once I got the right tool, a fat marker, to push the stuffing inside. He's about 8 -9" not including measuring the ears. Very soft.  I have to say I like working with fleece, it's got such a wonderful feel to it.
The second picture is from the book and that's  Fiona Goble's little monster. As you can see I'm pretty much on target. I didn't stray from the pattern.  ALTHOUGH, as I was making it I thought about putting a little pocket between the paws, in front and then slipping a little message inside for a child.
Since I plan to send as many of these little guys as possible to the Children's Hospital I think a little note like , I LIKE YOU, might be nice.

The third picture is the cover of the book.  I got mine at Joann's using my 40% coupon. As you can see from the cover there are a number of different little monsters in this book.  Actually, there are 15 patterns.  I copied mine and then drew them on freeze paper.  You can iron the freezer paper to the fleece and it makes for easy cutting.  I even used my fabric cutter to do the job.


  1. So cute Bea! Reminds me of the frogs my mother made when my children were little.

  2. Bea ~ these are darling. I'm thinking the arms and legs could be left unstuffed but maybe top stitched prior to attaching.

    This is a tempting project.....I am so easily distracted.

  3. Darling !!! I made a knotty doll much like this back in the 70's when the nieces and nephews started to come into our family. i think you are creating cuter little monsters. peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart