Sunday, January 01, 2012

A New Year, well aren't we lucky!

Nothing like the first day of the New Year. Gives us all hope doesn't it? Clean slate, thoughts of "this time for sure", new beginnings, chance to get it done, get it right, a DO OVER.
I haven't given this new year much thought, honestly. I'm happy that I had this past year. It seemed to go by very quickly but them I tend to say that about all the years, months and days.
This wonderful vacation seemed to slip by too fast. It hit me as I was saying goodbye to James and Caitlin and Curren. They left the house first, to have breakfast and then get the ferry over to Red Hook on St. Thomas. We had lunch with Justin and his gang before they too left on the later ferry for Red hook.
Zeus, Riley and I came home and changed and went back to the beach for one last swim. When it was time to leave, Riley turned to the ocean and said, "Bye, Ocean, bye beach". And, then like every other day she fell asleep in her car seat before we had even started back up the hill.
Tomorrow we drive over to Canel Bay Resort for their buffet breakfast then back to Cruz Bay to return the car and wait for the ferry.
A friend staying in our house, in Wisconsin has emailed me to tell me that there is just a dusting a snow so the roads should be clear for our drive home from the Milwaukee airport. We won't get in until close to midnight, a long day of traveling.
I will probably spend the day, on the flights, thinking about the past. Remembering all the fun that we had. I can almost guarantee that I won't be making to do lists for home. I won't be setting goals for projects, or weight loss, or whatever. I just want to savor and imprint in my brain as many memories that I can.
There is plenty of time, heck 373 more days to do that.



  1. I love the word savor...we should all let go of some of the foolish restrictions we put on ourselves and remember to embrace the gifts we have received! Thank you for sharing your precious, private time in the warmth of the Caribbean (spelling) We are receiving our first light snowfall today and truthfully we will be glad to say goodbye to all the rainfall we have had. You have blessed me. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart