Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's never the wrong season for Pumpkin Bread

There was no snow falling at 6:00 am but by 7:30 it was a constant, steady fall of tiny little snowflakes. Tiny and all day means it's going to mount up. Big, fluffy is pretty and short lived.
Well, it's blowing and snowing around here. Those beautiful high 40s temperatures of earlier, in the week, are just a memory.
Today, I stay inside.  I knew the snow was coming, I went to the grocery story yesterday and stocked up. I have no errands to run, a full shelf of new library books, projects in the studio and of course the every day householder duties.

I'm feeling pretty happy today. I got my published blog books from 2011 yesterday, in the mail. I just flipped through them to see what I remembered.
On this date, a year ago, Zeus and I were sitting in the UW Hospitals waiting while I took four hours of tests to see if that mass on my ovaries was cancerous or not. I remember every moment of that day. I remember how scared we were, how we stayed very close to one another. I remember how I kept pushing negative thoughts out of my mind as I sat in the cancer ward waiting room, waiting to be directed, to another test.

A year has passed. "Wilson" was removed, all is good and I honestly think that I've made a conscious effort every day to make the most of the day and the moment.

I started the morning making chili in the crock pot for dinner tonight.  We have a UW Basketball game to watch on tv and chili will taste good.

Once I cleaned up that preparation mess I started going through what had built up on the kitchen counter.  Things shouldn't pile up there but some how it becomes the staging counter, instead of the prep counter.  I found my Christmas or rather Holiday Baking magazine I had bought, published by Cook's Illustrated magazine. I leafed through it while drinking my tea and then came to the page with an article about making pumpkin break.

I had two can of pumpkin to put away in the cupboard.
I mean a person can put it away or actually make something with it.
The thing I love about these magazines and the Cooks Country books are that the chefs and bakers give you the scientific reason why you should do something and what's a myth.  I never went to cooking school and I don't remember this being covered in my Chemistry class and I love learning about the science of food preparation.

I have three medium size loaves cooling on a wire rack. The smell is heavenly. I added toasted, chopped pecans and dried cranberries to the recipe.

If you see these magazines on the news stand I urge you to leaf through them. They are packed with information and some great traditional recipes. There are 62 different articles in the Cook's Illustrated Holiday Baking magazine, every one I think a winner.

I've been watching a Micky Lawler DVD on painting landscape fabric. She's a hoot.
I'm thoroughly enjoying her technique, her excellent directions, suggestions and ponderings. This is something the 3150 Studio Artists wanted to work on, painting skyes. It's probably the wrong time of the year to do it, since it's much easier to dry the fabric outside in the sun but when has that kind of logic stopped us?  We'll probably do it twice and see how the results were different.
She has a wonderful book too, Skyquilts with 12 painting techniques for painting landscape quilts.

Make your day count, live in the moment, remember it's all you really have.


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  1. I have thought about putting my posts together in a book so it is good hear that your were satisfied. I think you live each day to the fullest and celebrate the small moments. The snow is falling as i type and I made preparations to stay in tomorrow if the roads fail to cooperate. I might have to make some pumpkin made me hungry when I read the words. :0) I am glad you and I are still here!!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart