Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inside nose freezing hair cold

I admit it, we, white, North Americans, seem to lack a decent vocabulary for things that happen up here in the north. We have only one true word for snow, SNOW.  We have a number of descriptive adjectives for cold but this is a family rated blog.
It's cold here today. BITTER, BITTER cold. I think I heard the wind chill factor was -25 degrees.
Now, that could have just been the weather people telling tall tales at 6:00 in the morning but I ran over to the studio to pump up the heat for today and I believe those weather people. IT'S COLD OUT THERE.

Linda and I met for coffee yesterday and started to pull together some ideas for projects and experimentation  for the 3150 Studio Artists, when we meet. We are trying to build on the things that we have tried this past year and enjoyed doing.  A lot of working with mixed media and fiber.
The group is in transition again, with one member going off to the wilds of Tenn. another off to Minn. for four months. Some members have health issues and some have just found it hard to work studio time into their schedule so we thought hard about it and decided to open the group up to another person.

I can fit 8 people up in the studio. If we are working on large messy projects they have to wait until warmer weather when we can meet outside on the barn patio or set up down below, inside the barn.
But, I think it's important to have the energy of 8 people playing and having fun up there, in the studio.
I love the exchange of ideas, the laughter, the pondering on how to make lemonade out of a mistake and so forth.

Today, we are meeting just to cut some strips of fabric for the Down The Rabbit Hole Mystery #2. We're on clue four now and the ladies have been going deep into their stash for ugly fabric, why did I buy this fabric, etc. and cutting or ripping it into different sizes strips. Then they have been sewing fabric strips of the same color VALUE together again. Totally, random sewing. This strips won't stay in this arrangement forever.  The goal is to use up some of the stash of fabrics that might not see the light of day, pull them together in unusual ways, take cutter in hand and have at it at blocks and strips, something that some of the people have not had the interest or courage to do before.

I'm off to the gym. I park at the far end of the lot and walk in. It's going to be a cold walk. I know I get points for this somewhere. There must be an angel up there that checks off EFFORT, right?

HEY, this might be a good day to snow dye, you think?  Something to thing about while I'm at the gym.



  1. It has warmed up a bit here today but the snow is flying. Good day to be in the studio! Your group project sounds like a good idea.

  2. I have been in bed for two days but today I am beginning to recover from my "over-doing" this week. I have had a glorious week but my body often cannot keep up with the check my mouth writes. I am ready to get back to the exercise machine...I slept... and I must have needed it. Your post reminds me of how we have to plan for those bigger messier projects when the warmer weather returns. Have a great weekend. We have an ice sheet covering our landscape today but tomorrow we will have temperatures into the 40's. Blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Oh I so love your blog. I've been away too long. I must have a go at that ugly fabric stripping and sewing. I have lots of it! No snow here, it's been such a mild Winter we have daffodils out!! Crazy.