Friday, January 13, 2012

If you see a pink and brown turtle on it's back.............

Snow has stopped, driveway is plowed, thank you Zeus.  A good day to work in the studio. 
I was working on a few different project yesterday and one of them took me down to the storage room. I found a pile of fleece material, that I had bought to make blankets for the teens at the Children's Hospital. Sigh..........I can not believe that I just stacked them up down there and didn't get to them.
I hauled them all out to the car to take over to the studio, with me.  I'll cut the edges and then bring them back home.  I can tie the fringe while I watch the Packers play, on Sunday.

I want to try to get two more little sleeping bunny monsters done so I have a half dozen of them and then I can move on to another little monster.

Riley is so excited about the snow.  She took her snowpants, boots, extra scarf and mittens to daycare yesterday.  What a job that teacher has getting all those little ones into their outdoor clothing, marching them outside, uprighting them when they fall down and look like turtles on their shells. Not to mention herding them all back inside and getting them out of all those wet clothes.

Tomorrow, Mary and a friend are driving to Chicago to go to a show and dinner. It's a belated birthday gift. Zeus and I will be taking care of Riley.  That should be interesting.  This morning she came upstairs and woke me up, climbed into bed with Pinky and Gray Bear and started a discussion about whether pjs were clothing or not. I can't say I understand 2 1/2 year old logic at the best of times but certainly not before my morning coffee.

Off to do something creative, I hope your day is joyful!  :)Bea


  1. Those moments in bed with my grand daughter are some of the finest in history.

    I guess if you shop at Wal-Mart you might think that pjs can be clothes. I'm not of that camp, tempting as it may be. On weekends I often wear the pjs all day then shower before dinner and put on a fresh pair.....most of my pjs have studio crud on them as a result....oh well, to know me is to love me.

    Have fun with Riley.

    Later, chica

  2. We did get our snow today and I stayed home...two friends have fallen on the black ice and my sister fell yesterday. Riley is such a dear little person...I do sort of understand her logic...but I have had three brain surgeries. I am so sure that I now have dyslexia ...reading is such a difficult chore for me but I do love it. I read very slowly! Blessings and God bless Mary as she travels to Chicago! Blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart