Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I do miss the lush greens and colors of the tropics. It's always amazing to me how beautiful all these colors look against that blue sky. 
No sign of snow yet around here.  Well, ok, there is a dusting here and there but it's not serious. I know the ski resort people and the winter sports people are champing at the bit for snow but the longer it holds off the happier I will be. At least now I still can see the different shades of brown and rust and the textures of the grasses and rocks.

I took my camera in to Best Buy yesterday.  It's under warranty and for some reason, on the trip, I couldn't get the close up lens to give me a nice clean shot. It looked ok on the screen but when I would upload a picture it wasn't sharp and looked a little fuzzy. I stood in line for 20 minutes waiting for someone to pull up the warranty information and make sure I was covered. So, that delay was my fault, if I had planned I would have taken my folder with the information with me. Then I got shifted over to the Geek counter to a young, young man with a slight bit of attitude. He looked at the camera, he played with the lens and by that I mean he played with it, making it go in an out. Big whoop, I can do that. He took pictures of the lens cap and showed me how clear they were. He suggested that I might do better with a point and shoot camera. I kid you not. He took more pictures of the lens cap and told me there was nothing wrong with the camera. I stared at him and seriously thought about ripping the metal rings out of his lip but then hey, "no worries, mon".
I must be getting old or maye I'm still in Island mode. I shrugged said thanks and walked out. Round one .........this child must think I'm stupid. I know my camera. It's not working right. So, I'll take a picture, show them the picture and we'll do this all over again.
I remember last year having to send my little camera in three times before they actually replaced it. It was a lens problem.  As the girl at the counter told me, if you are willing to play the game eventually you will get what you want. I think she was talking about camera returns.

Today, I'm off to the gym. Despite, healthy eating, no real snacking, lots of floating in the salt water I didn't gain any weight but I sure didn't lose any. Isn't it funny how sometimes you can feel lighter, fool yourself into thinking the belly is smaller than it was and look you can see the veins on my feet and still not have lost an ounce?
It's back on "program" that's "Life Style Program"  or healthy living or whatever the PR is now for watching your weight.

Then a few errands and over to the studio. I really need to touch base with my paints and fabric.

I hope you have a creative day.   :)Bea


  1. I am sooooo needing to go to the gym...I'll be with ya all the way!!

  2. Ken ordered us an elliptical machine which should arrive sometime tomorrow...what have I gotten myself into as I nibble on Bailey's Chocolate Turin... I am not sure what this is but they are so good it is probably a mortal sin!!! Peace and welcome home. Best Buy is just a hammering business. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. hoping you have a great day in the studio....the lights have been burning there waiting for your return...I can attest to that...D