Monday, January 30, 2012

From a dream place.

I'm still debating about this piece. There are days that I like it and days that I think it's strange. It's full of texture which of course, you can't appreciate because you can't run your fingers over it but it's there.
Today I pick up Linda and we take a ride downtown to visit the Senior Center. I didn't get down there last year when we had our display of art work up on the walls.  Linda O. took some great pictures and shared them with us.
This time I'll see the layout, meet the coordinator and all the good stuff. Then off to lunch.
You know what's funny is that every time I say Senior Center I'm thinking about older people going there, being part of the programs, etc. Then I stop for a minute, seriously, it takes me that long for it to dawn on me that I'm a senior. I could be spending my day hanging out there or the one in Verona.
There are about three times I think about being a senior, pulling into the close parking spaces, at the local library, that are marked, FOR SENIORS.  Going to the movies with Zeus and having him get two SENIOR tickets for the movie and Wednesday's at Miller Market when it's SENIOR DAY and you get 20% off your groceries, if you are a senior.
But, it still surprises me to think of applying that title to myself.
The 3150 Studio Artists meet again on Thursday, the 2nd. Then Zeus and I are off to Florida for a bit.
We're staying way down at the bottom of Florida, this trip, Marco Islands.  We'll be checking in with my mother on the way.  She seems in good spirits these days. She tells me that as long as she doesn't do anything out of her routine she's fine. That means actually using her walker to get from one room to the other, instead of thinking she can just wing it for that short walk.
I'm going to take this "old" body off to the gym to keep it moving before I go pick up Linda.
You all have a wonderful day, remember to try to be creative today, it's good for your soul.


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  1. I refuse to say we are seniors...unless a discount is involved. Funny I do not feel like what I thought a senior would be like. I am busy and involved each and every day...even on days when my body says whoa my mind runs a relay race in ideas. Marco island is simply beautiful so I hope your mother is happy. I am anxious to see this 2012 exhibit...i loved your works from yesterday!!! Have a great time and use this trip to re-energize your spirits with Zeus. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart