Thursday, January 05, 2012

The art of listening.

I've seen the Swedish movie of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and loved it. This weekend I hope to see the American version with Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander.   I don't know how the Swedish star prepared for her role, she did a wonderful job. Ms Mara has apparently gone through a series of transformations and trials to prepare for this part.  She dyed and shredded her hair, pierced her nipple, shaved her eyebrows, learned how to ride a motorcycle, studied kickboxing, brushed up on computer hacking and even took skateboard lessons so she would get that 14 year old boy skateboarding stance down pat.  I was impressed. 
Gee, my old director simply had us do breathing exercises, grapefruit images, under our arms and looking at the character that was talking to you, for our plays.
And, that last item is one of the things that Ms Mara said was the hardest thing she had to do for the movie. She couldn't look at anybody.  Most people actually listen through eye contact and when you are told not to do that it seems like your aren't actually interacting with the person.  Apparently, when she does get eye contact with somebody it's a BIG DEAL, in the movie.

Remember when you used to TALK to people on the phone? I was reading an article in the Times about the fact that most people seem to like to text each other instead of talking. And, many are not responding to Facebook or emails but rather communicating with friends with their IPhone on WiFi and through the chat rooms of electronic games, like Scrabble or Words with Friends. In fact, if you really want to reach some people quickly you need to log into say Words, leave a message and get an answer.  If you use an email or Facebook post you might wait days for an answer.

That's scary stuff.

There has even been a difference in the attitudes of cell phones users in say the airport since I last flew.
And, that wasn't all that long ago.  Now, people seem to think it's their right to talk as loudly as they want, where ever they are and the heck with everybody else.  I can remember a year ago, watching businessmen go over to the far corner of a waiting area to talk on their cell phones. I remember people in their seats, trying to talk softly in their phones............not what I saw this last trip home. When I watched a young woman speaking in a loud voice on her cp and listing all her complaints about her supervisor she glared at me. Apparently, I was supposed to look somewhere else and ignore her conversation. I grinned at her and kept staring.  She moved off to another area.

But she was at least TALKING on a phone.

I have mixed feelings about phones.  I dislike them because I like to see a person's face and their body language when I am talking to them. I also like to be able to give some body language cues when I think the conversation should start wrapping up. Phone conversations leave me cold. I get information but I don't get to hug the person. I don't get to pat them on the shoulder or watch their face light up when they laugh.
I don't even use my cell phone. The most handling it gets is when I have to plug in the car charger every once in a while and charge the thing.  I keep it in the car as a safety feature in case, God forbid something should happen to me and there wasn't a soul around that had a phone.

I like email but conversations can get cross wired very quickly if you think what you said was said in humor and the other person doesn't take it that way, etc. But, I also like to get my emails answered and not ignored. How hard is it to read an email and reply? You don't have to write a book just let me know you got it and a response is on the way, eventually.

Of course, you know how much I love hand written things. I never learned how to tell a person's personality from their script but I bet there is a lot of truth to the readings.

And, let's see.........of the news from Verona where Epic Systems Corporation continues to grow and grow. They passed the 5000 employee mark this summer.  They are still building office structures, the more recent ones will look like large barns.  They continue to dig and dig into the earth to create a pit big enough to build their massive DEEP SPACE auditorium which will hold enough seats to host a Big Ten Basketball game. It should be finished in 2013 in time for the User' Group Meeting which will bring thousands of people to Verona.

NOT TO SHOP, mind you.  NOT TO EAT in Verona. No, it will just be endless lines of traffic on our back road two lane highway, winding their way into the Epic Complex.  The campus is self sufficient you see. Everything you could ever want or need is there. Got to keep all the young ones happy.

Zeus says I need to write an EPIC poem, in the manner of Homer to vent my endless mutterings about the place. He was so pleased with himself when he told me that.  I guess I really don't want to see them clogging up my little coffee shops, The Pigs Ear or Tuvula with their laptops. But, a little binge buying in town would help out the local merchants.

And, from the local police report-----------

A local 25 year old man was cited for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, on him, when he came into the police station to be interviewed about a small bag of marijuana and a pipe that were seized from his parked car. I think my grandmother might say he wasn't the brightest bulb in the package.

We are having cheddar, potato soup tonight, one of the family favorites.  Think I better get going on making it, heh?

:)Bea   Keep being your beautiful creative self.


  1. I agree the cell phone manners are totally non-existing...I sometimes hear way too much of information that I never would have wanted to hear in the first place. I love a hand written letter or a card..but even as I say this I rarely do this myself. I have kept 25 years of letters and correspondence and when it is a snowy day i take them out of a drawer and trace my mother's handwriting. I love your words and visiting your posts. Let us know how you like the American version of "Tattoo"...we saw it on Sunday and I really need to see it again. Mara is very powerful as Lisbeth. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Well, as you probably can gleen from my blog that I am wired a bit weird, and that also applies to things like phones, e-mail and face-to-face contact.

    I actually feel more comfortable talking to someone via the e-mail, simply because I can get my point more clearly and succinctly than I can face-to-face.

    The phone is a different story all together as I have different levels of comfort depending on who I'm speaking to.

    Face-to-face is usually reserved for the family certain co-workers (believe it or not, I don't gossip much at work) and certain friends.

    And the funny thing is that with certain friends, I am often less reserved speaking via the e-mail than I am speaking face-to-face.