Monday, January 16, 2012

All I said was..................

I simply said I needed a path from the back door to the studio.
Those of you that have followed this blog for some time know that when I have issues to work out in dream time that involved being frustrated and irritated with people, I tend to find myself dreaming about being , in a orange vest, out directly idiots around a ROUND A BOUT.

So what does Zeus do for me? Creates the mother of all round-a-bouts in my back yard.

I'm going to view it as a MEDITATION PATH and Murphy thinks it's a great exercise run.

If I can keep  my cool I can find my way from home to the studio.

Some pictures from our visit to the Rainforest gardens yesterday, with Riley.
Well, sadly my beloved Packers did not play their best yesterday and so their season is OVER.
I did get two fleece throws done while I watched the game. By done I mean that I had cut the fringe and then spent the commercial times, knotting it.  I think I have about six more to do, when I'm done I'll post a picture before I take them over to the Children's Hospital for delivery. Just something nice and bright, soft and warm for the older kids in the wards.
I have the patterns cut and the faces embroidered for two more little monsters.
I also worked on my Muse soft doll for the Senior Center display.  I'll post pictures tomorrow.

I have to go to the gym then run some householder errands then I shall brave the congestion of the round-a-bout in my back yard. I would drive over but the A-1 gets a little crowded midday.

:)Bea  Who thinks you all should be doing something creative today.


  1. It's almost like having your own labyrinth.

  2. Hey, your every wish is his command! We need more men like that in this world...

  3. I like the way Zeus thinks...creatively!! Riley is so cute!!! God is good! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. That Zeus is just too funny. I hope you made it to the studio and back without getting lost! I think your road needs a chicane!