Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I dream of sand and salt water.

Zeus came home with a bag full of musical instruments, for our trip. He and Riley tried out the kazoos, the slide whistles, the cow bell and other assorted cool noise makers. Apparently, he has a plan for us to go Christmas caroling, while on vacation. We have friends that stay, in a home, on St. John at the same time that we are there so I guess we will pile into the car, go up the mountain and kazoo them until they toss us money or a figgy pudding.

Still no snow and I am knocking on wood as I type that. So far, this winter has been mild and that is quite alright with me. Snow in late December is even easier to deal with, then I only have to think FOUR MORE MONTHS of winter.

I decided to make this little project for Christmas Eve dinner. I found a Christmas flannel sheet with a wonderful winter scene on the border, at St. Vincent's. I washed it up then cut it up and sewed it into little pockets using the border decoration on the front of the pocket.
I've been going through old pictures and notes and letters picking out things that I can put in the pocket. My plan is for the adults to each have a pocket with a few select things in it that they can share a story with the entire family. I thought I would tape the conversation or video tape it. Since my boys can't seem to follow through with sending me any picture of their wives, when they were small I am going to have to improvise. I've made up a list of questions and I'll pick a select few, make them into little scrolls and tuck them into their pockets.
I didn't want to leave out the older grandchildren so I am going to place a little scroll at their plates and they can ask any adult one of the questions, on their scroll. Questions like: What is the silliest thing you've ever done? or If you didn't have any bones in your body and so didn't have to worry about breaking any of them-what activity or stunt would you try that you otherwise wouldn't?
This should be interesting.

I've been called for jury duty in January. Yes, I know, my civic duty but frankly I think this process needs a little fine tuning. This will be my third time to be called in 40 some years. Zeus has never been called once. What's up with that?
And, yes it's inconvenient, the 3150 Studio Artists meet for the first time in the New Year on that Tuesday of the week that I am called. I do not want to be deciding somebodies fate in life, I want to create. Sigh.......it's all about me, you know.

My suitcases are out and open and I am throwing things in I think I absolutely have to take with me.
This weekend I will pare down what really has to go. In the meantime, the cats are having a field day crawling around in there and Murphy is looking slightly concerned about them, the suitcases, that is.
Field glasses!!  Must remember to throw those in, gently.



  1. Have a blessed and happy Christmas...I can see and almost hear your family on a kazoo caroling project. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Merry Christmas. Mary Helen

  2. Love your banner! Jury duty - well, it takes all of us, doesn't it? I try to think of it from the people who are involved point of view. We want smart, intelligent, creative folks on a jury. That's what I would want, anyway. Happy Holidays - and good luck on getting some photos from your sons!

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas on St John...such a beautiful place. I too am glad we don't have any snow yet...I am just a few hours north of you I think. I love your pocket idea and am going to steal it from you to help make our Christmas a bit more interesting. Happy kazoo-ing!