Saturday, December 31, 2011


Yes, we are still here enjoying the sun, beach and family togetherness. Amazingly, everyone from big to little seem to be getting along just fine. Grandpa finished reading Bunnicula to the grandchildren, last night. Mary, Justin and Shari went down to Skinny Legs bar and grill to celebrate her 29th (golden)  birthday. James I think had planned to go down but fell asleep with Curran. They had a good time listening to the local bands playing.
We spend another long, sunny day at Maho Bay, the beach being perfect for little people and older people that don't appreciate large waves. The water was crystal clear and we watches Needle Fish, little schools of tiny silver fish and Angel fish swim around our legs. The Angel fish seem to like to rub up against your leg like a cat. Feels very strange but doesn't hurt.
A small turtle kept Hayden's attention as she swam out with the snorkel folks to watch it.
The Sting Ray continued his/her swim back and forth along the beach. People follow it's progress but all leave it alone.
Tonight we are making pizza and tomorrow the Neal's from Boston and Minnesota travel back home.
The Verona Neal's leave the next day. A great beginning to the new year.
As the end of 2011 approaches, I am grateful for the friends I have both online and in real time. I'm honored to know you. I am grateful for my family that plays well together, enjoys themselves and their own families. I'm grateful that Zeus and I have had another year together and that (knock of wood) we seem to be in good health.
I don't make resolutions anymore. My only goal is to take one day at a time, make the most of it I can, follow the ten commandants, tell people how much they mean to me whenever I get the chance, try to do something for someone and be responsible for what I am supposed to be responsible for.
It doesn't seem like earth shattering things but it takes being aware and alert and keeping my eyes, ears and heart open. It's making sure that I don't take the easy way and that along the journey I stop I offer a helping hand.
I just finished a book where a young woman recently passed on to what she called her real SERVICE. She said that earth is just boot camp and do it like a Marine and you'll be ready for the real work in the next life. I like that Stormy, well said.
So, dear friends and family we move into a new year, 2012, a year full of wonderful CREATIVE possibilities for all of us.

With lots of love, your friend, :)Bea


  1. I feel as if the photos say it all...what blessings you are sharing with your beautiful circle of family. I am wishing you and Zeus only the very best for our coming 2012. Thank you for the supportive words and friendship. You deserve the very best of times. Blessings, Mary Helen

  2. Happy New Year to you!