Thursday, November 03, 2011

Pre-winter blues.

I'm still holding on to thoughts of summer. It's windy, cool, damp and soggy around here. Of course, that is much like a lot of places in the north and yes, we don't have snow still sitting in our yards but it's still pre winter, late fall, not my favorite time of the year.
The colors are gone from the trees, the fields have been cut. We did hear a pack of coyotes running through the woods and yard the other night. Murphy was impressed.
The new red leather couches have arrived. I was surprised when the delivery truck came and it was just the driver. He, older than me and looking much out of shape, hauled in the couch and love seat. I encouraged him to take a number of breaks while he was pulling the furniture up the hill on his trolley. We talked about his old Polish Dad, making White Lightening with the Indians in exchange for hunting rights on his Dad's land and how young employees seem to think they know everything and can't learn anything from an old goat.
I know that when he retires in a year, at age 65, he and his wife are going to travel the United States in their Airstream. He has it all planned out. I asked him how his wife felt about this news and he looked surprised. He said he knew she would be happy to go along with the plan.
While he restrapped the couch to bring it in the house I suggested that he sit down with her and at least present the idea, now. Give her some time to adjust to the idea. He honestly seemed surprised, "What's to adjust to?"
Oh, I don't know, the fact that she has had a life in her home, her town, her friends, her activities, her hobbies, interests, shopping, whatever. That being in an Airstream, 24/7 with her husband might seem, to him, as heaven but to her not what she had on her TO DO list for that year.
He told me that she would be happy to go see her children and their families. That he planned on spending about a month at each boys house. I suggested that he run this by them too.
I really didn't want to dash all his plans and hopes but the more he talked about it the more it seemed, from a outside prospective, a disaster waiting to happen. I wanted to remind him about that old expression, something about dead fish and visitors don't smell so good after three days.
I wished him well, on his plans, I hope his dreams work out for him. I hope his wife survives the trip.
I'm listening to Riley taking a shower downstairs. She's singing, in the shower! Nobody, in our hose sings in the shower. Where does a little 29 month old kid learn to to that? She makes me laugh, a lot.
Got a call from second son and his wife, last night. Caitlin had her checkup for the baby and all is good and it's going to be a girl. Needless to say, everybody was extremely happy, except Curran who doesn't even understand why his Mommy's lap is getting smaller. I wonder what Irish name they will come up with? They both have a Bridget for an ancestor. hint, hint.
Got a new book, in the mail, New Creative Collage Techniques by Nita Leland. It has 60 projects and 60 artists in the book. I can't seem to put it down. It's not because it's new stuff but rather it's one of those books that comes along that seems to inspire me, get my creative juices going, gives me things to dream about while doing the laundry. I don't get a penny for endorsing this book but it's one that I think my mixed media group is going to be working with over the winter.
Each chapter has a discussion about a subject, for instance the opening chapter is about collage and although that isn't new to many of us it talks about when it began, truly began and where it is now and headed. Then there is a demonstration , a glossary of correct collage terms, which honestly some were actually new to me and so forth. I'm probably not doing justice to the book so if you get a chance to stop in a bookstore, look for it and take a look at it yourself.
I've been doing collage since high school. It's a style a feel very comfortable working in. I don't remember learning it in an art class. I remember submitting my collage entry for the program for the Senior Play and winning. Art class itself is a blur. I think I spent most of my time flirting with a guy named Chip.
When I had tooth surgery, over an Easter vacation, when I was a junior in high school, I spent the recovery time creating a large Madonna like image, her robes made out of eyes, cut out of magazines. It was really quite amazing but I lacked any real training so the poster board curled up and the paper peeled off.


  1. Sing little Riley Sing for all of us who fear another hearing our voices. The red couches sound simply divine and I will have to find that new collage book. Just seeing and thinking in a different way of processing the materials we already have played with. Riley makes me smile too!!! Peace, Mary Helen

  2. So attractive arrangement.Well done carry on.