Monday, November 28, 2011

A post from Zeus.......

Today, we have a guest contributor to the blog...........ZEUS

Justin and family were here for 2 days, an abbreviated Thanksgiving. Short, but a very special holiday. Granny B hit just the right note with the boys when she gave them each a pair of nifty pajamas. They put them on early, wore them late. Hayden got a voice modulating microphone, which tended to make everyone sound like the mice in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Cool. I took all three on a short "hay ride" at sunset Friday night before Riley and Mary returned from their trip. Hay in the cart was a little damp but no one complained
The boys got a chance to break in the new B-ball court when they arrived. It was still very warm, maybe 50, and not dark yet . It was a big hit, and with the basket down to 6 feet. everyone could make baskets.
Yesterday was cool and rainy, so we goofed around the house most of the day. Justin, Hunter, Sawyer Riley and I went to Menards in the morning. Riley was in line with us, and getting frustrated with her shoes, which didn't fit right. She looked down, put her hands out and just made the normal sound an adult makes when they are frustrated, like Huuuumph! Justin broke up. We took orders and picked up Subway for the troops on the way home.
All but B, me and Riley (who was napping) went to the Muppet's new movie in the afternoon. Then we watched some Wisconsin football, then all out to Pizza Hut for supper.In between there were a couple of rowdy games of Crazy 8. Hunter and Sawyer almost fell off their stools laughing when Grandma B mentioned that she couldn't see one of her cards because her booby was in the way. Last night Justin, Ma and I watched "Analyze This." a somewhat silly but funny movie.
This AM, I played tennis with the troops for a couple of hours, then everyone was having a pretty good time until they had to leave for home. All three kids were really in good spirits this trip, virtually no bickering. I took Hunter and Sawyer out for some cold weather b-ball around lunch time, and they really got along well together. I acted as goofy as I could, as usual.
I was filling the hot tub tonight, and the hose coming out of the bathroom spring a leak, spraying quite a bit of water on the floor. I discovered this when I was talking to Riley near the foot of the steps and she said "Look, it's raining." And so it was. No harm done, just got the floor wet in the storage area. When later she was helping pick up and put away the cardboard "blocks," 4 at a time, she mentioned that the floor was wet. I said yes, I had made a mistake. She said "You'd better clean that up." She was up in the kitchen a little later, and I got her a small bowl of ice cream with a little chocolate sauce. She ate some, then decided it was time to go back down stairs. As she rounded the corner, she waved to me, said goodbye, the "Thanks for making me the bowl of ice cream."
Later, I went down stairs to help get her ready for bed. First we took turns reading each other from her books, trading them back and forth. Then she got out her little plates, saucers and cups, and she pretended to serve me all kinds of food and drink, most of it from the Culver's menu, where B and I usually take her on Tuesday night while Mary is in class. At one point l asked for some lasagna, and she said "Lasagna coming up." Right after that, she looked at me with this smile/grin/leer, and said "I want lasagna too." Hard to explain, except she was just bursting with the thought. She really does like playing pretend cooking/serving. I always pretend to drink up her Baba full of milk, which sends her into hysterics.
Finally I insisted it was time for bed. I tried the "I'm tired and want to go to bed too" ploy, but this time she just suggested I should go to sleep in her bed. So I leaned over on it, but she said "all the way!" I pointed out that I wouldn't fit, so she covered the top half of me up with her blanket. Then I asked her to sing me a song.
I asked her for a song about Baltimore and darned if she didn't sing to me in the sweetest little voice, the first 6 lines of "Round the bend I think I hear a steamer dear." I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It's the song I sing her several times a week when I put her to bed. And she had learned all the words.
I did object when she threw a fresh diaper at me "just in case" I guess. Finally I got her into bed, sang her some songs, and off to sleep. All in all, a great Thanksgiving holiday memory.


  1. Wonderful memories for you and your family Bea! Made me smile!

  2. Zeus you had me in tears...these are the real memories that the Holidays should be about. Not various sales and threatening crowds etc. You have so much to be thankful for...Riley is such a dear spirit. Blessings , Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart