Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Our first snowfall of the season.

It started out raining, this morning, cold, damp and rainy but while I sat in the waiting room of Farm and Fleet, addressing Christmas cards it turned to hail then snow. Maybe I should have worked on my checkbook instead?
My car seems to be a southern belle, at the first sign of colder temperatures she gives a huge sigh and lets the air out of her tires. I thought maybe I had run over something, AGAIN, but apparently, all four tires just needed air. The shock of winter approaching, I guess.
I did take the bull or rather the TV remote, in hand, in the waiting room and getting eye contact with the two gentlemen, sipping their coffee, asked them if it would be all right if I turned off the talk show featuring to pole dancers showing off their skills and then getting into a "cat fight".
Honestly, that crap is too much anytime let alone before I've had my coffee.
The eye contact seemed to work, it was like having their grandmother stare them down. I continued to keep the remote close to me for the next two hours.
After a long but rather productive wait I hustled off to the market. The snow now coming sideways and furious. No gentle big puffy flakes for our first snow just a howler.
Riley has taken to suggesting what she would like for dinner when I am going out the door, in the morning. Today, while waiting for her mommy to get the temperature right for her bath a naked two year old stood next to me, holding my hand and asking me, in a whisper if we could have spaghetti for dinner. Yesterday, it was meatloaf. Since when did 29 month old kids have food requests?
Yesterday, the mixed media ladies met, in the studio. After much tossing around of names for the group we all seemed to settle on, 3150 Studio Artists. Once we all agreed we moved right on to learning how to use watercolor washes and transparent acrylics on our gessoed pieces.
Time slips away when you are having fun and after three and half hours they were ready to wrap up their experimenting.
I'm trying to remember my fairy tales. I've been watching Once Upon A Time on Sunday nights and thoroughly enjoying the story line. I can't for the life of me remember why Snow White caused the Queen so much unhappiness. Or why the Queen just plains hates Snow so much.
Any ideas? Anybody remember the original fairy tale?
Zeus had a brilliant idea to wrap the willow tree with Christmas lights. He did the trunk and three branches and now, at night, it looks like a brightly colored palm tree. The wreaths are hung on the barn/studio and the candles are in the windows. It's very pretty to see from the house.
We will skip the cutting down of a Christmas tree, this year. Since the family is taking off for warmth and the Island I see no reason to leave something that might cause a fire, topple over when Louie gets bored and tries to climb it or just drops every single needle on my floor.
Make time to create something in your life. It's good for your soul.


  1. I am so amused by Miss Riley....she definitely decided she has a mind of her own thoughts. Sorry ...I can not remember my phone number much less old fairy tales. :). I agree save the tree for another time. Blessings ...Mary Helen