Tuesday, November 01, 2011

It's happening again.

Blogger just isn't letting me publish an edited post. Yesterday's is still sitting in the lineup.
There is something to be said about writing with pen and paper, into a journal book, diary or backs of envelopes.
I want to thank all of you that emailed me or commented about the Type II diabetes post. That's probably one of the big pluses of having a blog vs scribbling in my journal. The support the the suggestions the thoughts and prayers were all very much appreciated.
I didn't make GREAT progress in the barn yesterday. I managed to finish a tiny portion of painting the wall, went back to the house to make some lunch and ended up taking a nap for 45 minutes. Probably today will go the same way except today I will be hauling, stacking, sorting and trying to get as much organized on the shelving as possible.
I took a number of shovels over to the landscaping company that did all our work, for us, this Summer. We have no need for so many shovels and Taylor was grateful to get them. He says they go through them pretty quickly.
When we had the place, out in Ridgeway, we planted hundreds of little tiny pine trees, walnut, oak and something else, I forget, on yeah, walnut.
We organized tree planting parties and friends with their families came out, planted their trees, ate good food and had a good time.
Then the drought came.
You can imagine where this story is going.
We hauled hoses down to the lower field. We tried to keep everything alive. Something chewed holes in the hoses. The drought continued.
Next year we started over again.
Our friends, always willing to party in the country, joined us once again for a tree planting party.
That year they made it and continued to grow. The oak trees not so well but the walnut did. At the time we were planting, per instructions from the DNR to plant trees for harvest. That meant you planted them close together.
The trees that we didn't get into the ground at that planting we "heeled" in, up by the house. Easy to water them until we could get back to them and sort out where they needed to be planted.
When we sold the house, last January, the pine trees were probably about 15 feet high, the walnut, even after I chopped them down one year, towering over 8 feet tall.
We aren't so good about follow through, sometimes.
The new owners seem to like the screen of pine trees next to their driveway, who knew.
I still think it's very odd that I don't miss some places. I drove by our old home, the one we gutted and rebuilt, from the inside out, the one where I was often quoted as saying, "I'll be leaving here feet first" and nothing. I parked and gazed at the house, felt just fine, waved goodbye and drove off.
I guess when you are ready to let something go it doesn't hurt. I was ready to let the house in the country go, too. I loved the land, I loved the view but I resented the time, the householder time it took just to enjoy the place. The older I get the harder it is to get done what I have to do and find time for what I want to do. So, I was ready to let someone else love that place.
My heart goes out to anyone that has to move from a house, a place, away from friends and family and they aren't ready for the move. It must be so painful and scary. A house is just a house but it's shelter and I can't imagine how some parent must feel when they lose that shelter and have to find a safe place for their children and themselves.
I can't imagine a business that deals with this kind of heartache hosting a Halloween party where the theme is The Homeless. I can't even imagine being an employee of that business and attending that party dressed as a homeless person and mocking them by dressing like them and waving empty liquor bottles around. What happened to these people? A doctor said they were just trying to deal with the hardships that they have to see everyday.
I don't buy it. I don't think we get to give people like that an excuse for their unkind, thoughtful, hurtful behavior. Frankly, I think the Puritans had something going when they had public stocks and people had to stand in the square, heads and hands in the stocks and be humiliated for their behavior. But, that's probably one of the reasons my mother thinks I am so "Midwestern" in my views.
Well, the firm, in New York that handles foreclosures, did have a Halloween party like that, last year and a former employee did send the pictures to the New York Times and of course, the firm had "no comment". Shame on them.
Well, as usual I've wandered off and around through the woods. Thanks for taking the time to visit today. I hope that you create some time and space to do something creative. I can't tell you how important it is for your physical, mental and spiritual self.

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  1. Shame on everyone involved in this terrible mess where the dollar bill rules...it is so twisted and hidden so the people who are unable to make the payments..in partial payments...I know we can problem solve and find a humane way to keep families in their home. Glad you are back! Peace, Mary Helen