Monday, November 21, 2011

It's a good thing.

Not my work but I think it's beautiful,perfect for the season. I wish I was over in the studio working but life always seems to have other plans. Today, the workmen are coming to finish putting up insulation and drywall in the lower part of the barn. It seems like that shouldn't really make any difference on what I am doing but shamefully I have to admit it meant carrying up the boxes that I stacked on the landing. A lot of boxes. Boxes I still have to sort through, organize, toss, give away. Well, that for another day.
Today, I also have to tackle getting Louie into his crate to take to the vet. The door will be open, all exits locked down and hopefully a successful round up. I'll let you know how that goes.
I need to start getting the guest room cleaned for company after Thanksgiving. Justin and family are coming down for the weekend. I've been using the one guest room as a staging area for Christmas present wrapping and mailing. Guess I better get that done and out of there.
It just seems like my life is a serious of domino's. Can't do one thing without doing another and another. Is yours that way too?
I let Murphy outside this morning and noticed that A RACCOON, a nameless one had tipped over the metal can holding the birdseed and had itself a little feast. Cleaned that up in my pj's and boots waiting for Murphy to decided if the large orange things moving across the field across the road needed barking. It that season again. I certainly hope my lovely stag with the nice antlers manages to evade the hunters this year.
My rock salt for the animals comes looking just like beautiful rocks. I put three of them up by the Moon Goddess statue in the hopes that it will keep the deer hanging around my yard or woods.
I don't play fair. I understand there is a glut of deer and they cause damage and I understand there are "good" hunters out there that dress the meat and provide for their families. Good luck to them, but for the rest of the idiots that are wandering around in the fields, yes YOU who decided to take a pot shot at my barn, one year, find another hobby.
I'm down officially five pounds now. By official I mean that the next morning it didn't disappear when I weighed myself. I'm in week three of my new "readjusted lifestyle". By week three I find myself mentally chanting, "You have no need for salty things" "You have no need for a muffin top" and so on. I've increased my walking by length of time and speed.
Young Thing consultant, suggested that I walk the track instead of the treadmill. It's as if they have to say something different. She suggested that the treadmill was pulling me along. Give me a break.
I can hold the handrails up at heart level. I can increase my pace gradually as I warm up. I can watch TV as I walk. I don't trip because I'm walking in one place, at one pace and when I walk the track I seem to slow down a tad when the herd of Young Trophy Things run by. They are scary. It likes having a band of Amazon's run up behind you, pass you, all in identical looking workout outfits, blond hair, pulled back in ponytails, bobbing as they run. Their ears and fingers sparkle with diamonds. No, I prefer the safety of my treadmill and bike, at the gym.
A ha, I see the workmen pulling up the driveway. This is a good sign for the day.


  1. You crack me up and I can see Murphy flying past you to get to that garbage can. he is protecting you from wild racoons and dangerous creatures that lurk in the fields. I feel that boxes are breeding in this there birth control for unwanted boxes??? Peace, Mary Helen

  2. Mary Helen is right, boxes are breeding with reckless abandon. I think there may be a conspiracy.

    I'm with you on those amason gals.