Friday, October 28, 2011

"You had a good run."

"You had a good run," Zeus said, when I told him that the nurse had called with my blood panel results and I registered a 7.3 and now officially had
Diabetes II.

What a bummer.  My first response was to just ignore what I heard. Pretend nobody had told me. Go back to the time before I had blood work taken.
Childish, I know but I really didn't want to deal or face the fact that I now had a disease that would never go away.

Good news is that catching it this early means I can can good control of it and my lifestyle. My body is healthy, well except for my blood sugar levels. No damage done, at this point in time.

So, I bought a juicer. It had well known, male talk show hosts picture on the box and I thought when I bought it, it was the one that he advertises, on TV.
I brought it home, unpacked it and something held me back from doing what I normally do, all the time, jump up and down on the cardboard box and put it in the burn bag. I just carried it downstairs and stuck it in the garage.  I plugged the "juicer" in and stared at it. It was like looking at a blender on steroids.
It was huge. It was too tall to sit under my kitchen cabinet. It was black. Everything on my kitchen counters is white. 

And, it wasn't a juicer. 

It apparently was an emulsifier.

So, I returned it this morning. Not a juicer in sight, in the store, so I went home empty handed. Then I got the phone message about my blood work. Then a friend told me that juice is the worst thing for her, sends way to much sugar into her system.

I guess I wasn't supposed to buy it.

But, then again......... I was really looking forward to that spinach, carrot, mango drink.



  1. hahaha not meant to have that jucier...and carrots are high in carbs........ I know some day I am going to get the same call.... seems to run in the family so would not be surprised..... but please do take care of yourself and listen to the Dr.....:) Early detection is always best in anything we do!!

  2. You had a good run??? What the hell is that supposed to me? It is not like you are a show closing for the last time. Watch your diet. Lose some weight. Exercise. Take pills if you need to. Life goes on better than before.

  3. Type 2 Diabetes is unhappy news but thankfully it can be controlled with diet so I hope you get support while you make these changes in your life. My mum has it too and I was resposible for watching her diet and so far she is doing ok and she still has the odd cake or biscuit. She's had it for a year and blood tests are ok up to now. Both my parents had/have it so I am probably a candidate too, and I love cake!

  4. Ken controls his diabetes with diet and a healthy lifestyle most of the time. Hang in there are in my prayers. How did Miss Riley enjoy Halloween trick or treating? She is so adorable! Peace, Mary Helen

  5. I was diagnosed with it about six weeks ago and felt the same way you did - stick my head in the sand and it might not be there when I pull my head out. No such luck LOL The meds the first week made me sick as a dog but then I also had a flu shot and that usually makes me sick for 3 days. But the green apple two step continued for 14 days so he took me off those pills. The next one was way too big for me to swallow (I have immense trouble swallowing pills). So he prescribed another. After I did the research on the internet, it's something I'd never put in my mouth - I'm funny that way - I'd like to live a long time. All I can say is really investigate if your doc puts you on pills - not just one site but many. I lost 9 pounds the first two weeks and more since but don't have a scale so no idea how many. Just exercising at least 30 minutes every single day as well as really watching my carbs and portions. It does help! I have two web sites that explain carbs and fiber completely (you can subtract fiber from carbs to get net carbs)and then another really good one that is just general information if you want them. Just email me. Come on girl - you can do it! (That's what I tell myself each time I walk an extra lap LOLOLOL).

  6. If there is a silver lining in all of this, its the fact that you're a type II and not a type I like myself (pills and two types of insulin).

    7.3 is not the end of the world as most doctors what their diabetic patients to be under 7. I would kill for a 7.3 at this stage in my life.

    Juice is only good for when your sugars are low and you need an immediate pick me up.

  7. Oh Bea I know that hide your head in the sand feeling. Good news is that you know what is going on and you can control it. I know you do not want to hear it, so I will roll around in your misery with you for awhile.....I look forward to hearing your new food choices and how ths is something that changed your life in unexpected ways. If anybody can deal with this YOU can! Sending you positive energy!!