Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beautiful Fall

We are certainly having a beautiful fall this year. The color has been gorgeous on the trees and bushes. Now all that is left are the beautiful shades of rust and brown on my oak trees.

Zeus is working hard on finishing up one side of the lower level of the barn. He's installing insulation and sheet rock. Once that side is completed he'll build shelving and I get to move all the "stuff" from the other side of the barn to the new shelves so that someone else can come in and finish up the job.
At some point we WILL be organized and this kind of job won't be ever done again, in our lifetime.
I'm slowly putting garden beds to rest for the winter. That involves trimming back some plants, pulling up others and raking out leaves. It makes me a little sad. I so enjoyed the color displays this summer. It seems like it went by so quickly.

I've been working on the genealogy of my mother's side of the family. I would really like to pull some sort of book together for her by her birthday, this June. Although, I suspect that I'm far more interested in this stuff than she is. One thing I've found interesting is the "grain of truth" that seems to be buried in family stories. If you pick at it enough, check our different resources you can eventually see what is true and what has been added to the tale.

And, what a wonderful thing that so many people are doing genealogy research. As a result there are listing available on the Internet that just weren't available unless you traveled to that part of the country and did the research yourself.

I was able to discover a cemetery listing for my great grandfather that included his parents names, something that no one in our family seemed to know.

Once I had those, it was much easier through to find the rest of the huge extended family.

I have so little extended family it's amazing to me that so many people, related to one another, lived in the same town and yet seemed to have nothing to do with one another. Sad, too. It reaffirms my conviction that family is what you make it to be and not necessarily blood relations.


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  1. I consider you a very special art family member...I may always carry your words with have a gentle sense of grace that you share in your posts. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart