Thursday, October 27, 2011

A sun needs arms all the way around.

One of my favorite local back roads has this tiny little bridge over a tiny little creek. It's a place I love to stop, get out of the car and just enjoy my morning coffee listening to the water moving over the rocks and the peaceful serenity of the spot.
I recently read about a blog, by a friend, that said she had given up on her photography for the time being. She had lost interest in it.
I understand that happens, God knows I've certainly done it enough myself with different projects.
So, while leaning over the bridge railing, sipping my coffee, this morning, it occurred to me that one of the reasons I and other like minded people lose interest in projects is because our original intent might NOT have been in our best interests.
This person upgraded her camera with the intentions of creating a business of taking photographic pictures of people. I'm not sure you can combine, well at least in the infant stages, an intent to make money with a passion.
Friends of mine that have turned to Ebay and Etsy to sell their quilts have told me that they have ended up creating a quilt that will sell. It's not the colors or pattern they might have wanted to do but it's what Ms Public wants to buy.
I have had people ask me how long something takes to create and what do I do with it when it's done. A perfectly ok question but one that means that the starting gate is to making money.
I take my camera out to the back roads and take pictures of probably the same things over and over, different times of day, different light, seasons, moods, angles, etc. I do it because I enjoy it. Whatever I am taking a picture of is something that resonates WITH ME. I need to take the picture. And, when it's self published in a calendar or book and somebody tells me that they really love it and would love a copy, that's nice. That's an end product.

This is not a judgement call on others.

I'm just musing about the idea that when we create something with a OUR PASSION foremost and forgetting the big picture that we allow our soul/inner creator/creative self/whatever you want to call it to express itself fully.

There is a period of play and then we slip into that creative mode, that moment of time when we actually forget about time and the outside world. That we are the eyes, hand, voice of something much greater than ourselves and if we are lucky and our little hands and eyes and voices can express that inner creative self we create something that other people can resonate with or to.

I'm not sure that can happen when we are thinking about it being a "product". When we are trying to please potential buyers. When we are working on something that doesn't capture our entire being while we are working on it.

I was sorry to read that my friend had put away her camera, for a while. I wish I lived closer so that I could take her out for a ride and no not slap her silly, but show her how wonderful taking pictures of trees, or creeks, barns, streams, fields, rusted walls can be. JUST PLAY. 

On a photo outing with Murphy I may take 100 or more digital pictures and only one or two make it into a keep folder. It took that many for me to slip into that mode to use the camera like it was actually part of my vision. It wasn't a waste of time. It wasn't for profit. It's actually for my health and well being.

I need to create. When I don't I start to slip into an unhealthy state of being. It's not depression it's just a off balance, not feeling whole. And, the by product of that is that I can very well get sick.

I was drawing pictures with Riley, 28 months old and she was making a sun with arms. I made a sun but didn't put arms on one side. She looked at it and then me and said, "Grammy, it's not right, it has to be whole, arms all the way around."

Maybe we are all a little bit like little suns and we need to make sure that are inner rays of light are streaming all the way around, making us whole.

:)Bea, who now has to go do laundry and resume her balance.

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  1. I so agree...with the digital camera you are free to explore the possibilities...joys and editing and living in the moment! Peace, Mary Helen