Friday, October 14, 2011

Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley

CAN YOU SAY WOWOWSER? Bring those four great guys together, for a jam session, in 1956 then turn it into a musical. MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET, playing at the Apollo Theater, in Chicago.
Zeus, got us tickets and we went last week to see them. A small, theater where you felt like you were right there in the Auto Body shop/studio of Sam Phillips.
It's based on the actual spontaneous, impromptu jam session that occurred on a cold Tuesday afternoon in December.
The actors all talented in their own right, took on the personalities, voices and singing styles of their characters. Amazing. I don't think there was a person in the audience that wasn't toe tapping, or swaying or clapping along with the music. A truly magical night.
If the company comes to your area and is playing in a small theater it is well worth the price of the tickets. If they are playing in a large theater, I honestly don't know if you get the same feel. The music will still be great but there is something about being so close to the performance.

We traveled the back roads home from Chicago. Zeus being keen to help me add more photos to my ever growing collection of old barns.

The past week has been just ordinary work of cleaning and sorting junk in the barn. Most of it to donate, it came when we sold the cottage. Zeus is putting up insulation and wallboard on the lower level of the barn to help keep it warmer in winter. That means new shelving and a chance to get this mess organized.

Then there is the picking up and putting away of summer fun items, pool toys, etc. The taking out of screens and washing of windows and the looking at and feeling guilty about the time I didn't spend in my garden.

I took a day off today to go over to Olbrich Gardens and look at the little quilt show they put on. Beautiful quilts and gorgeous mums surrounding the quilts. Some very talented artists and their quilts.

Then I stopped in the new library in Fitchburg. It's ok. It doesn't seem as warm and friendly as the Verona Library. On, my way out the door I actually opened and held the door for an old friend I haven't seen in awhile. We both were amazed.

She's almost retired now, just puts in 8 hours a week at her old job.
She's said she's discovered that she's an artist. She didn't realize that she had such a passion and talent for jewelry making.

I have to say I absolutely love to hear people, especially women, talk about their newly discovered passions. Most of them have put years into raising their families, taking care of their homes and jobs and now, when they enter their 50s and 60s they discover something about themselves that they never knew they had within them or had forgotten.


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  1. WOW what a glorious experience...I would truly love this concert/musical you saw in Chicago...your husband is one helluva a man. Have a great weekend and relish your heart memories. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart