Monday, October 31, 2011


I'm not ready to let go of fall let alone deal with snow so my heart goes out to all of you that received an unexpected snowfall this past weekend.
Zeus and I saw the new movie Footloose. We walked out when the lead female character screamed out at her father, in his church, that she wasn't a virgin anymore. I had nudged Zeus a couple of times before that saying I was bored to death and could be go but he wanted to old out to the end to see the final dance number.
I tried taking a nap, it didn't work.
There are just some movies that you shouldn't remake, period.
Kevin, oh Kevin, if anything this just made me want to watch the original, once again.
I did finally find the night that Once Upon A Time is on, Sunday evening. They had the first episode at 6:00 and the second, the new one, following at 7:00pm. Still enjoyed it.
Murphy went to puppy day care without a costume this year. He won't be bringing home any prizes today.
I have a morning of sorting and organizing, in the barn. God, I will be so happy when this job is done. Zeus really worked hard on painting the wallboard and building the shelves in the corner.
Both of us are ready for some jobs to be over and never to be done again.
:)Bea Create, create and then create some more.

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