Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to youuuuuuu, happy birthday Little Bea who is now much, much older, Happy Birthday to you/me.
Yup, 63 today.  I can remember quite clearly what I had for breakfast, what I did yesterday, where my car keys are but for the life of me I can't remember where I hid the Christmas presents I bought for the grandchildren, this summer.
As a dear friend often says, "Life is Good" and how right she is.
The guys came yesterday to put the winter cover on the pool. Soooooo sad to see if covered up. I know I will be excited again, in the spring, to have it opened up.
I cut the lawn for what I think is the last time. Managed to get it done right before this loud crack of thunder and a rain shower. 
Honestly, this 19th summer seemed to go by very, very quickly.

I loaded firewood from a tree that was cut down, into the tractor wagon, then hauled it up to the front deck, unloaded it, walked each heavy log back to the log holder and in the process managed to pull a muscle in my upper arm.
So I either need to do more upper body strengthening or less log loading and hauling.
I'll probably opt to do neither of the above. I'm a slow learner.

Riley is very excited about the upcoming birthday cake. I told her she could pick out what kind of cake Grammy should have for her birthday. Apparently we are going with a yellow cake, chocolate frosting with lots of pretty flowers. It floors me that a two year old even has an awareness of different kinds of cakes and frosting.

I remember the boys going to Farm and Fleet with Zeus and each picking out an over sized jug of bubblebath for me, for my birthday.
I think I still have those same bottles. I've never really been a bubblebath kind of girl.
This year the cards have arrived on time, I went out and bought my birthday present, from the kids, told Mary and she told me that the boys thought that sucked.
Hey, I wanted a juicer. So, since they are rebelling against my picking out my own present they are sending me a gift certificate to the local fruit and vegetable market, for my new juicer.  That works.

One year I thought I would be clever and send my mother roses on MY birthday as a thank you for having me. Apparently, she liked the idea so much that she announced that she was no longer going to send anybody cards on their birthday. I think she got confused and thought that I would be sending her something on my birthday forever. So, although no one is to forget HER birthday she doesn't send anything to anybody in the family. She has never really gotten the grandmother role down.

If I am not mistaken the above picture was taken when I turned four. I'm not sure where the doll came from, I don't remember it being one of mine. My father was doing a lot of photography at that point in time. I remember he had a darkroom, in the basement.
I know this was a posed birthday photo to be sent to relatives. My father's favorite subject was my mother not a restless little girl.

I hope you all have a birthday like day, full of surprises, friends and family or if you can't have that, at least go have a nice piece of cake.



  1. This is such a lovely post full of grace and wisdom. Happy birthday to you! penny

  2. Why Miz Bea you don't act a day over 35. Happy Day my dear and don't forget to Dance!

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you Miss Bea.... I am sure Riley will make an appropriate choice for Grammy's cake. Your Halloween days of past sounds simply fabulous...especially the hot cider out of a Rat Coffee Urn! Have a fabulous day Missy and enjoy every minute of your day. Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Happy Birthday Bea, I hope you're having a fanulous day. I enjoyed all your reminiscences :-) xx

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Wow Happy Belated Birthday! My third son - my surfer dude - shares the day with you. I hope you had a wonderful day. I am sure your family celebrated how lucky they are to have you!