Monday, October 24, 2011

Bumblebee Princess

I have no idea what my other grandchildren are going to be for Halloween. I suspect something much scarier that this little bumblebee princess. I'm sure pictures will be arriving in my mailbox after Halloween, hint, hint.

The weather people, delighting in this news, are telling us to enjoy today and tomorrow because the cooooooooooold weather is arriving on my birthday, Wednesday.

I will spend today and tomorrow attempting to finish up all the outside chores that I managed to put off so far. Gathering up hoses, putting garden beds to bed, etc. I think I need to put something in the slow cooker for the end of the day.

The Mixed Media Ladies of Dog In The Hole Studio have been working with the book, Collage Lab by Bee Shay. It's a very basic introduction to the foundations of collage but an excellent book to work with. We have moved from the joys of texture with gesso to gel medium and lightweight papers, creating textures and making layers.

I think the hardest part for some is NOT falling in love with their first layer or two and be willing to keep on experimenting with their project. If you have never really done layers it can be hard to say goodbye to an image as you paint a wash over it. The delight is to be able to see it under the new layers. To have it be a surprise, something that the viewer "finds".

One of the members was looking at a magazine that showcases artist studios. We were all commenting on the different sizes of the studios and how organized some of them were. Then one member said the sweetest thing.  She noticed that all the studios highlighted seemed to just be for one person. She was glad that I had room in my space, to share it with friends.

I love working in my studio, by myself. I also LOVE it when like minded artists come in to play and work. We feed off of one another, get inspired by one another, learn from each other and frankly, it fills the studio of Dog In The Hole with this wonderful creative energy that just resonates in that space.

The walls are now up and insulated on one side of the lower level of the barn. Zeus was out taping and cleaning up, last night, after the Packer game. Next is the big job of shelving and organizing all that "stuff" that you seem to need as a householder.

Soon..........well who really knows when soon Down The Rabbit Hole Hallway will be finished. Then I get to put up all the stuff I've been collecting for about a year now. I plan to hang Alice from the ceiling corner as if she was just falling down the hole. I have the dress, thanks to last years Halloween sales, the tights, shoes and blond wig. Now, I just have to make up a muslin body.
I have the shelf, the bottles of Drink Me that I found antique hunting with Donna. I have a wonderful poster of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and an old barn sash window. I'm sure there is more stuff. Zeus pointed out that I may be mixing up my fairy tales in the staircase but I told him that anything goes down the rabbit hole.

Which by the way, did you catch the new show about fairy tales?
I'm not quite sure what the title was, Once Upon A Time seems obvious but it might be something different.  I thought from the ads that it would be scary and not really something I would enjoy but it's starting out as a really interesting story. The curse for the fairytale characters is to be trapped in present day, in Storyville, Maine. And, Emma, Snow White's daughter, with Prince Charming managed to escape the curse as a newborn, put into a magic cabinet tree. Well, I'm not going to tell you more but maybe you can catch up with the first episode on the Internet.

I usually give most shows one or two times before I decide if they are wasting my time, lacking in any true enjoyment or the writers just took a holiday and let the monkeys type out the script.

Time to get on with the day. I hope yours is filled with lots of creative endeavors.



  1. I am sorry I missed the Grimm fairy show but I love Miss Riley...she is just the sweetest bumble bee I have ever seen. You are so blessed! Yes sharing our studios is a gift we have to give should submit yours for publication...I am sure your are much neater than me! :))! Love ya! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. By far the best bumblebee princess I have ever seen. Embrace the weather change and reflect it in your art!