Friday, September 23, 2011

You have got to be kidding me.........

I picked up the local paper, this morning and sat down to enjoy my morning coffee, in the local coffee shop. I'm turning pages, slowing, waiting for my "hair will grow on your chest" coffee to cool, a little.
I notice a picture of an view , from an air plane, of two barns.
"HEY!", I gasp, I know those barns.
I've photographed probably every barn in my area at least twice if not more times, different light, different weather conditions, etc.
But, these barns are even closer than the ones I travel the back roads to photograph, these barns are right at the end of my road.
The smaller of the two has so much charm and age. I find there is always a picture waiting to be taken early in the morning.
Anyway, I read the article and it seems that the owner of the 19,000square foot home, at the end of the road.
Yes, children that is the correct square footage.
The owner of said home wants to TEAR DOWN the smaller barn and use the larger barn as a Youth Training Facility.
As, a dear friend of mine often says, "Huh?"

The owner, a business woman, that owns three if not more hotels, in Japan and her husband, an ex hockey player from Canada, want to buy the land from an absentee landlord (he now resides in Utah)
and revamp the barn for her new facility.

Town meeting is next Thursday night. Stopping by the Town Hall this afternoon I pumped the secretary for more information. Not, really a difficult thing to do because if there is coffee made she is more than ready to pour us a cup and gossip.

The Town has asked for plans, over and over and nothing has appeared. Apparently, Ms So&So thinks that she doesn't have to send anything before hand because after all it's just a barn, for goodness sake.

Once Darleen is on a roll it's not good to stop her. She had more than one or two thoughts about the 6,000, yes, again children, the number is correct, visitors to, a large medical, computer program company, this past week. The company, which was supposed to be built on 345 acres of land but has been buying and building on everything (the owner) can get her hands on.
True it is a beautiful campus with many truly unusual and earth friendly buildings BUT it has doesn't have to pay any taxes until 2014. And, the traffic it has created, on our rural back roads with it's 3000+, employees who don't car pool, well don't get me started on that.

Those 6,000 visitors never stepped foot into the downtown area. They didn't come in to eat, buy a paper, buy a magazine, get their clothes cleaned or dry cleaned. They didn't buy groceries, a soda or even a get well card for their collective mothers. Zip, Nada.

It's a very well planned self sufficient campus. It has no need for what the local downtown offers. Trust me when I tell you the current rulers of downtown didn't expect that when they opened the gates.

So, here we have two powerful women. Two women used to getting what they want, need, lust after. Because after all they have the money and power to do just that.

Ladies, the local high school has a serious problem with their football and track field. It needs to be drained. Football becomes a muddy mess after a slight drizzle. We have an Ice Rink and training facility. We have the PeeWee football team practicing next to the cemetery, no fence and trust me when I say there are some 8 year old's that will not go chase a ball in there.
Our local firefighters were on duty, all day, at the "convention of 6,000). Did they mention that they have NO MONEY, Zip, Nada, the treasure chest is empty.

Yes, you are correct, it's not really their problem. The problem lies with the ordinary folks that were in charge when the first proposal was put on their metal desks. They didn't have a plan so yours sounded good. They didn't ask the right questions or certainly didn't know what to ask you. I still don't think there is a growth or development plan for this area.

So, I will give up my Thursday evening and go sit with my neighbors and listen to the sweet voice of money tell me how there will just be a few, just a tiny little bit of improvements made to the barn, the road, the entrance, off of a major two lane, highway, the parking, the youth and their cars, etc.
Maybe down the through time they will need to expand the full to bursting barn and build onto or around it but we don't need to talk about that now, do we?

I will go on Thursday night and I will wonder if this is the "short con" or the "long con".

I'll fill you in later.



  1. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Thank you, Bea!!

  2. oh boy. this does not sound good. good luck.

  3. wow. sounds like small town America has its hands full. would be nice to save the barn (and the downtown) but how much time & money does the community want to invest in it? good luck!

  4. it is the same results from all these lodges springing up in our is not nice to not visit the town...

    howdy neighbor i am catching up with you with coffee this morning too..:D