Monday, September 26, 2011

YES, somedays it's a two post day!

I've had a productive morning since I posted. The bones of the studio are fine, it's my sloppy, creative nature that makes it look like such a mess. I spent the morning re-organizing the far back, right, hand corner. Where I keep some of my fabric but mostly shelving devoted to bolts of muslin, thread, Wonder-under, etc.
I have half of my cutting table exposed and the other half is piled with fabric that needs to be refolded and put away.
I absolutely need space to start working on my projects.

The above is the end result of the Ladies of Dog In The Hole Studio, Mixed Media & Fiber Experimental Group. We really do need to come up with a cooler name.
It's printed fabric using fabric paint with a floor tile. Then stamping with the hand created, foam stamps, I made. Some accents with paint markers and the addition of some buttons.

It's called, Z'Hitchcock takes a walk in his neighborhood.

It's a Zetti thing I have. If you know me you know it pops up a lot in my artwork.

I loved making the foam stamps and I still have ideas about the making of more of them.

This is the result of our spray painting day. It has a multi colored painted base layer then stamped and collaged items. Leaves and branches, etc were laid on the fabric and then a light, white spray paint applied. The finishing touch was the painted fabric curtain edge.
It's called, Grandma is losing her memories.

The Senior Center, downtown, has asked us back again in 2012 to put up our art work in their building. They seemed to enjoy having it there.
We thought that those of us, in the Mixed Media Group, participating, in the show, would have a Expressive Self Portrait of ourselves for the viewers to see.

This is mine. They are all 12"x12" and all amazingly different.

Ok, back to the studio, I go.  It does feel good to see some progress being made.


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  1. I love working with foam stamps and your pieces are so inviting. I wish I had your mixed mixed group close by...I am trying very hard to keep a clear space in the is always a work in progress. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart