Monday, September 26, 2011

Time, where have you gone?

Time does slip by. Lately I've been aware of a number of things relating to time.
One, it takes me almost TWICE the amount of time, to do something, as it did ten years ago, heck maybe even five years ago.
I have a To Do list that, once upon a time, I could complete in a day.
That's not happening anymore.
I need more breaks, more sit down time then I used to need.
And, that brings me to another TIME waster.
I had the lap top on the dining room table an easy place to plop myself down while having a cup of something and spend time on the computer.
Two things waste my time, on the computer. Sifting through stupid ads or emails passed on from one person to another. One out of 100 of these are even worth taking the time to read or link to another spot. Some are old, bad, tasteless, racist, fear of minorities crap that some people just feel a need to keep passing on to friends. Why?
Do you not know me by now? Apparently, not.
The other is Facebook. Boy, I got off Twitter when I saw that I was going to be reading the minute by minute accounts of some people.
Yes, you are stuck in the airport you do not need to announce what you are doing every five minutes.
Now, it seems that the Facebook is fulfilling the same need for many people.
Trust me people, I do not need to skim down the list and see that you are putting out the cheese and opening the wine for your dinner party. I don't need to know you need coffee. The photo you took of that great meal, looks like crap, on Facebook.
You do realize that professional food pictures are created by experts?
I know where the delete key is, that isn't the issue. I honestly thought that when I joined Facebook that I would be kept in the loop for important things that family and friends needed to share and for some reason they no longer could pick up the phone or email me.
So, I've stopped reading Facebook.
I moved the lap top to the front room a good walk from the coffee machine or water. I'll take my break, read a chapter in my book and get on with life.
I will blog and check my emails while having my morning coffee, that works for me.
After a number of years we have finally gotten cable. Zeus was sure it was going to be a time waster for us. Much to his surprise it hasn't. Now, we can watch the Packers in an hour and a half and get things done on a Saturday afternoon. We don't have to endure the commercials or the long windy discussions by the "hosts" of the game. We just see the game. 
When Zeus does need to sit down and watch some TV or catch a quick nap he can do it watching a show he really does enjoy not mind numbing stupidity just because it was the only thing on to watch.
I treated myself to some new pads of paper for my clipboard. I'm hoping that some of these changes will help me make a little more progress on my To Do List.
Of course, there is the whole energy issue to deal with but that's on the list.



  1. Terrific post! I can relate to everything you wrote about. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who has this issue. Facebook and Twitter are things I have never allowed into my life for a myriad of reasons. I think you're wise to give up Twitter and to stop reading FB. Keep doing what you need to do to make your life better, easier, more relaxing. Good luck!

  2. You're not missing much on Facebook, especially since they're rolling out all kinds of "improvements" that are designed to drive the user insane.

    Which is why I'm leaving Facebook at the end of the month.