Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A little of this and that.

Digital Alchemy, Printmaking techniques for fine art, photography and mixed media by Bonny Pierce Lhotka arrived at my door, yesterday.
I've certainly gotten my money's worth with this book. Three hundred pages packed with clear instructions and projects for the artist that wants to transfer pictures to different kinds of substrates.
She covers alcohol gel and "supersauce" transfers on to wood, fabric and paper.  She covers gelatin transfers, direct printing onto metal and so much more.
I'm looking forward to experimenting with this book, this winter.

It's a beautiful, cool fall day here in Verona. My annuals seem even brighter like they realize it's their last hoorah. I've brought inside my fragile plants that spent the summer basking, out on the deck.
I've been taking some screens out of windows that most likely will not be opened again until April.  I probably have a ton of weeding I should get to that never got done this summer. It would be nice to actually look at neat garden beds during the winter months. At least until the snow covers them.

I've been working in the studio doing some more printing and stamping, on fabric. I thoroughly enjoy using my own homemade stamps. I have found that Fun Foam stamp, not stuck to a firm base, will start to curl up on the edges when you have used it a lot.

I have a number of them that are a little larger than the pieces of foam kneeling pads that I had Zeus cut for me. So, I purchased a piece of thick foam board. I'll have him cut pieces out of that and then glue down my stamps on the foam board.

I also found that using Heavy Body acrylic paints works much better on fabric. The craft paints just seemed to give to faint an imprint on fabric.

Off to get my haircut, run errands and etc. today. I get to pick up Riley at daycare, this afternoon.  She and I made plans to got to dinner and then to the Library.  Last Tuesday was the first time she had ever been to the Library.  She had no idea that they had a wonderful play area and so many books.

We limited ourselves to two books although I have to say she was more impressed with the paper receipt that she got when we checked out.

Last week after the Library and on our way home we stopped at the nearby park to play on the equipment. I hadn't been to a playground for quite a while. Last time they were using wood bark around the equipment. This time it was tiny pebbles for the base and then about a four inch layer of chopped up rubber.  What a great bouncy, safe, ground cover!


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  1. I have that book too. I bought it after attending an art exhibition here in New York where the artist had used those methods to create her work. I haven't used the supersauce yet. Have you?