Friday, September 16, 2011

The lazy days of summer are over.

Yes, a sneak peak at one photos from one of the upcoming stories from The Adventures of Gray Bear & Friends, Book II.

The middle picture is one of drying paper and fabric that the Ladies of Dog In The Hole Studio printed, last Thursday. It was a glorious day, a little windy but what the hey. We gathered at noon and set up outside and spent the most enjoyable day printing Deli wax paper, fabric and speciality papers.

At an earlier meeting we had spend a wonderful afternoon creating our own stamps, see top picture, out of Fun Foam. Here's a tip that I picked up some $1.00 store garden kneeling pads and cut them into easy to handle stamp block size. Cut your sticky sided Fun Foam sheet to fit the pad. DON'T put it on the pad until you have created your block. Trust me if you have pieces hanging over the edge of the sticky sided ff it's harder to trim them if it is already stuck to the garden pad block.

We had Fun Foam letters, numbers, shapes and somebody found a puzzle shapes at the dollar store. We created out own unique stamps by sticking these or cutting them up, onto the flat sticky sided FF. When it was done THEN we peeled off the backing and stuck it to the cut garden pad block. They are easy to wipe clean with baby wipes or a spritz and rag. But, I rather like the look of a well dyed stamp.

We printed layers on Deli wax paper (from Costco's) following the instructions from the Anne Bagby, Pattern & Form: Advanced Collage Techniques video, that we watched.

We had a 12"x12", or there about, piece of floor tile that we used as our printing base. Acrylic paint could be applied straight to the tile or it provided a firm base for stamping.

Oh, yeah, I finished canning my grapes and making Chutney. Most of the Grape jelly set up nicely, some looks like it's going to be pancake syrup. The Chutney was made from plums and apples from the yard and tastes wonderful. So, all in all, although it was a looooooooooooong day of standing and working in the kitchen I couldn't help but stop and think how my female ancestors would have loved the kitchen appliances that I have.

Getting ready for more company. The chili is in the crockpot, need to put clean sheets on the guest room bed, do the laundry, wash up the dishes and the fold and put away the early morning laundry. Since these are golfing buddies of Zeus arriving tonight I think I will take myself to a movie. I'll let them play Sheepshead into the wee hours.


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