Thursday, September 15, 2011

20 pounds...oh hum........20 pounds.....ooh hummm

Actually, the title sounds more impressive if you sing it in a low voice and as if you were dragging a heavy ball and chain behind you.

How I wish the twenty pounds were a joyful proclamation of weight loss. It's not. It's 20 pounds (and yes Zeus I did weight them on the bathroom scale) of white grapes from my garden.
Oh no, not nice pretty Concord grapes like I thought I bought but a prolific grape vine producing sweet smelling, seed inside white grapes.

A couple of years ago, the Mexican contractor that put up the wallboard in the studio, spotted them on his way out the driveway and lusted after them. At that time I only really had a few grapes hanging there so I told him to help himself.

Move on down the road of time and this vine went nuts this summer. Apparently, the rainy spring, heat wave for three weeks in summer and just neglect on my part has produced a bumper crop.

I have spend one hour at the grocery store, buying supplies, one hour cleaning said grapes, cooking them, washing jars, checking lids, putting away other groceries and then going downstairs to inventory to see where the heck the food mill was that I bought the Great Year of the Plums.

I now am staring at 10 half pint, little itty bitty jars of Grape jelly. It's the color of apple butter.
It tastes ok. I'm supposed to let them sit, the longer they sit the firmer they will get. Then and this is what I forget to read to the end to see, they can go in the refrigerator for 4-6 weeks.


I'm telling myself that it will tastes really good with cheddar blue cheese and that this might actually be a special end of the season, special occasion, for me to give myself the OK to eat cheese again.

I'll let you know how that thought goes.

It's been a fantastic summer. Lots of parties, lots of company, lots of swimming in the pool, not much in the way of weeding and Zeus replaced one of the upper decks with that polyboard that doesn't require anymore painting or staining. WHOOOOHOOOO Not that I had much to do with that but it sure looks a LOT nicer than a deck that is flaking paint.

I still have eighteen pounds of white grapes to deal with so I'll be closing now.

I think the next 100 batches better be chutney. I need to be able to store this stuff on a shelf and not taking up room in the refrigerator.



  1. I love grape jelly and white grapes, but am not fond of seeds. Hope you find a use for those other 18 or so lbs.

  2. I used to make grape jam and jelly every year from my father-in-law's grape vines. I miss the fun, but not the mess!

    If you don't need to make jam, you can cook those grapes and just strain them so you have only the juice to deal with. It's a lot easier than smooshing up the pulp for jam.

    enjoy the abundance!!