Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Boy, I got vision and the rest of the world wear bifocals". Butch Cassidy

Time to travel the back roads back to Wisconsin from Minnesota. We passed a number of Cranberry Bogs on our way up here. I asked Zeus how they grow and why they have to flood them. Zeus gave his enigmatic smile and changed the subject.
This is when I love the computer. I could look up Cranberry Bogs 101 and find out exactly how they grow. Who knew, well not me, that they were a vine that grew naturally in bogs and the Native Americans harvested them. They act as a natural filter for the water. I'll let those of you interested in more info, do your own research.

The new sliding door is installed. It took all day and part of this morning but it looks great. I wish they lived closer so we could help out more on these kinds of repairs. I'm glad Zeus is able to help out.

I dreamed of a young Robert Redford last night. He was remodeling a house which for some reason I kept wandering around in. Everytime I found a room it was stacked with furniture. I mean piles and piles of furniture. I couldn't find a place to sit down. All I really wanted to do was watch Redford and hope that Paul Newman would show up and do the movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Actually, that was probably the highlight of my night. I find as I get older that unless I'm exhausted it hard to sleep well in a strange bed with strange pillows. At home if I'm not sleeping well I wander around the house, listen to the waterfalls, look at the stars. Motel rooms are a little more constricting, a shorter wander.

It appears that I may have a little blood clot in my left leg. My ankle and foot are swollen and although it's not uncomfortable it doesn't look very nice. My DIL, the nurse, suggests that a visit to the doctor is in order. I was rather hoping that it would go away but it has been three weeks.
Actually, longer, probably since after my surgery but it would come and go and I blamed it on excess salt. I really don't want to deal with a doctor visit again. sigh

Somebody emailed me a question about my art piece from yesterday's post. Yes, it's fused. I never did applique and now with my fingers getting so sore my days of using a needle and doing hand work are almost over. Fusing is my new love. What I liked about this technique, too was you use wool felt for your batting, it's a blend of wool and polyester and wool felt for the backing.
The majority of quilting is done before the backing is attached. You could put a piece of double sided Steam A Seam II on the back when you go to attach the backing. I didn't but I probably will for the next piece.
There is no need for bindings which frankly I love. I'm tired of doing bindings. You can cut the backing felt any way you want, loopy, scalloped or even wompy. You can attach the piece to the backing with a decorative stitch or an overcast stitch. It's fun art quilting. It's not made for the eons or washing but for your walls.


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