Friday, August 12, 2011

Let the fun begin.

A Silver spotted Skipper for you this morning. My Butterfly bushes are now two years old and big and attracting lots of beautiful butterflies. Unfortunately, I don't always have my camera around my neck.

I spotted a black and orange one, the other day. When it spread it's wings there was a bright orange bar that when straight from one wing edge all the way across the body to the other wing edge.

It got me thinking about how somehow in the evolution of this butterfly the makeup was changed to add or subtract color to make it easier for the butterfly to hide from predators.

I don't quite understand the DNA or science of this process but it amazes me. I find it hard to believe that it happens without a higher intervention. I don't want to put a label or name on this.

It's just impossible for me to process that this just happens by magic.

I'm up in Minnesota visiting my oldest son and family.

Zeus and I took the long drive up, taking back roads and enjoying the scenery and giving me lots of opportunities to take pictures of things that I love. Zeus is very patient and without complaint will turn the car around, back up and give me a better shot of something.

I also included some pictures of the recent pond addition. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying it. I can hear the sound of the waterfalls in the house and I discovered that when I angle one of the kitchen windows just a bit I can get the waterfall sound in stereo. Sound waves, again MAGIC.

We had a Sandhill Crane come and visit the pond. Zeus was sure that he was looking for frogs.

I've noticed some rather large and quick ones in the pond. They must have gotten the formal invitation to the opening of the pond.

And. finally something from the Studio. This is the latest piece I've been working on. It's called,


As usual it started out as an experiment for an entirely different technique and involved on it's own. It tickles me when that happens. I sometimes wonder if I'm really in charge.



  1. WOW--I LOVE the pond and the ART PIECE!!!!! Have missed your blog. Hope you're getting a break in the weather and you get back in your writing mode. Can't wait to see you and the pond in person.....have a good trip. Hi to Zeus.

  2. Wow Bea - that piece with the fish - amazing - the colors are brilliant! It seems like forever since I've visited you - I'm sorry - things just morphed into other matters over the past few months and I'm trying to pick up the past and run with it!
    I hope you are well and I know you are enjoying life!!