Monday, August 15, 2011

My mother has told me that her Grandmother grew up in a one room log cabin in Winfield, PA. There were 13 children in that house. It's not surprising to me that children moved out at a young age. The story in our family is that my Great Grandmother traveled to a town in New York where other relatives lived, at the age of 15. She sold pies on the street. That's the story of how she met my Great Grandfather.

Often when I am tracing family members I will see them listed in living with a relative and working on the farm, at age 14 and up.

We passed this little one room house on our travels along the back roads of Wisconsin. I'm glad that the owners of the land have continued to maintain it, even if they use it for storage.

It's not that I need visual reminders of how good my life. I don't need them but I appreciate them.

Now, that the cooler weather has arrived I'm trying to catch up with some of the weeding that didn't happen for almost a month. A month to a weed means that they think they are home free and stretch out those roots and send that flower head up to the sky. Honestly, I'm pulling some weeds that are four feet or bigger! Now, I'm not a skinny minnie but you would laugh to see me grabbing those weeds with two hands and trying to yank it out of the ground.

My peppers and tomatoes seemed to have enjoyed this summer. They are doing well as are the pumpkins. This year I planted my pumpkin plants in recyled, large, plastic pots that I saved from bushes I had bought. I removed the bottoms of the pot, dug a hole in the ground and sunk about 1/3 of the pot in the hole. Then I filled the pot with manure rich soil and planted my little plants in the pot. I covered the entire pot with a thick mulch of marsh hay and kept them watered. Zeus and I counted eight green pumpkins and more flowers coming.

Mary and Riley get back home on Tuesday, Justin and family come back down, for a wedding this weekend and then it's the last week of August. It seems like the summer has just zoomed by.

Tomorrow, the Mixed Media group has our Playdate meeting. We are working on a 12"x 12" self portrait. The Senior Center has asked us to exhibit our artwork again, next spring and we thought it would be a nice idea to introduce ourselves to the public with fiber self portraits.

Trust me these are not all, if any, going to look like a real photograph. We all seem to be going for the bright, funky, silly looking style.


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  1. With cooler weather comes a revival. I've had my windows open since last Friday. Ahhhh--bit the bullet on pulling my own weeds and putting down the second half of the mulch--had my lawnmowing guy do it. The sumac you gave me looks wonderful in all its chartrueseness.

    Enjoy your playdate sounds like wonderful fun--I'd like to do that, too. I've been thinking that I haven't done a self-portrait in 38 years. Maybe it's time again.